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  1. NickA

    2021 wild easterns..

    Been seeing a bunch of wild box turtles while I’ve been out and about the last few weeks, figured I’d share some piks and post some more as I find more. All turtles are photographed then left alone! I’ve seen several the last few days while morel hunting but here are 3 from today. All males.
  2. NickA

    Spring piks

    Except for a few everybody has been out and about for a week or 2. Some more active than others. Here is a few piks.
  3. NickA

    Baby help

    With the warm then cold we have been having I was out checking my pen the other day and found a newborn. After trying to warm it up it was already dead it is way to early for them to be coming up all my adults won’t come up till usually April. So I have been checking my pen everyday. last night...
  4. NickA


    These guys love to eat everything fruit, vegetables, worms and slugs. I think there favorite treat is eggs.
  5. NickA

    Some wild easterns

    Had some heavy rains the other day so me and my son went for a walk and found 4 box turtles1 female 1 male and a mating pair. All the turtles were photographed and left alone. Except for the 1 my son picked up for a picture.
  6. NickA

    New turtle pen

    We Moved into a new house this winter.I wanted to build a nice size pen for my box turtles. I tore down a old shed and used the base of that to set the pen. It’s 12x12 it still needs some planting and a top but so far it’s turning out good. My turtles are still waking up and I will prolly move...
  7. NickA

    Cleaning the turtles

    1 or 2 times a summer I take on the task of finding all the turtles checking them out and giving them a good bath and lite scrubing. They have a pond in their pen but they still seem to enjoy the pool. Everybody was accounted for and looking good, active and heavy.
  8. NickA

    Breakfast time

    Nice warm sunny morning and a few of the turtles were out and about. It’s crazy how well they can hide. there are a few in this pen that make a weakly appearance and about 3-4 that always seem to be out sunning or soaking. Here’s a few piks
  9. NickA

    First wild eastern of 2019.

    went for a walk this morning to my favorite box turtle finding spot. It’s a wet boggy area in the middle of a large hardwood forest. It’s sunny and getting upto 80 today so I figured I’d give it a try. I ended up finding 1( an old mature male)in a area that I find a few every year. Took a pik...
  10. NickA

    Turtle ID and health??

    I was at a local pond this past weekend and noticed a turtle on the bank that was not acting like the normal wild turtle. I went in for a closer look and found what I believe to be a map turtle. I grew up around this pond and Iv never seen a map turtle. It’s loaded with eastern painteds, Red...
  11. NickA

    Moving with turtles.

    The family and I are getting getting ready to list our house and have been looking for our new home. Are house is ready to list. we are just waiting for our box turtles to wake up from hibernation. Our realtor highly suggested removing our turtle pens before we list. Luckily my parents where...
  12. NickA

    Winter home

    Still have work to do but got a good jump on my baby box turtles temporary home for the winter. Once he goes back out in the spring he will likely stay outdoors forever( he’s about 2 inches now). It’s a 40 gallon tank. I built a concrete pool in half of the tank. The other half is between 2 and...
  13. NickA

    Rainy day piks

    Everybody was out in the rain so I snapped some piks
  14. NickA

    Wild turtles

    me and the kids spend a lot of time in the woods wether it’s looking for mushrooms or picking berries and every year we find a few turtles and other critters. Here’s some piks. all the turtles pictured were photographed and released. The one with the houses in the background was a random turtle...
  15. NickA

    Pen ?

    So this is the progression of growth in my eastern box turtle pen i will trim it down low enough to put a wire top on it for the winter but do most of you do a spring cleaning every year before summer or should I just leave the old growth as added cover. Right now the only areas I trim are...
  16. NickA

    Rainy day

    any one else ever find them selves standing out in the rain watching their turtles. It's in the 80's and rainy today. My sulcatas were out grazing and they usually take cover when it's raining. My Eastern suprised me when he popped out of the hosta. so I tossed him a couple worms. Also have a...