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    Tortoise Cruelty on Pintrest

    Someone please explain what is happening here. I found this on pinterest while looking for ideas for a tortoise house. THESE ARE LIVE TORTOISES.
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    Sun light bulbs

    My tortoises light bulb went out recently and I was wondering which bulb would work the best for him and his growth. I didn't think the last one was good because it was yellowish and he wasn't growing so well with it so if anyone can recommend me a good sun bulb that would be great.
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    My tortoise's stuff (pictures)[emoji217]

    Just some ideas Please tell me if anything is wrong Also the plants are testudo seed mix. I planted them a month ago. The container & tube is to fill up the water bowl when its empty the bark and log are hideouts I made from a dead tree.
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    Tort does not like Cuttle bone

    My tortoise who is a few months old does not eat Cuttle bone no matter how hard I try. I even put it into smaller pieces. Should I turn it into powder and sprinkle it on his food? Please help.
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    My tort's outdoor enclosure

    I built this enclosure out of left over materials around the house. He/she has never escaped or tried to either. Tell me what you think. Thanks!!!!!
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    Red Eared Slider Care Sheet?

    Hello I wanted to help my friend with his red eared slider turtles. Can someone tell me their fruit and vegetable diet. Thanks so much!!!!
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    Desert Tortoise Care Sheet?

    Is there a desert tortoise care sheet because I might be getting two desert tortoises.
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    Lighting/Heating for Dome

    I need help for what kind of lightbulb I need to get for a dome for my leopard tortoise because I was told that my current light bulb is bad and is not allowing the tortoise to grow so if someone could send me a link to where you got yours (assuming it is good). Also I was told my red heat lamp...
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    water turtle/koi question

    my friend has two 1 foot long red eared slider turtles living with koy in a pool remodeled into a pond and my problem that I want to help him with is his turtles because they keep eating their babies after they have them or could it be the koi fish? The turtles in the pond are eating mosquito...
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    Turtles found in canal.

    I was taking a walk next to a canal and I look down and see turtles carried by the water current and not just one but many. I don't know if they are alive. How do I help them get out?
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    Need help with food for tortoise

    Should I feed my leopard tortoise Timothy hay or alfalfa and should it be fresh or dry like for hamsters. Also should I give the flowers of geranium to my leopard tortoise the leaves or both. Thanks
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    diet question

    I know that leopard tortoises eat hay but do they it it dry like hamsters or fresh