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  1. Mojavejaz

    first clutch

    My 20 year old female red foot laid for first time today. I have two equally large males with her. I don't know how many eggs yet since I'm going to leave them in ground for a week before placing in incubator. I'm familiar and successful hatching sulcatas and leopards but have never had red foot...
  2. Mojavejaz

    How long to leave in the ground?

    Does anyone know how long to leave red foot eggs in the ground before transferring to the incubator? I've hatched many sulcatas and leopard but this is the first time my red foots have reproduced
  3. Mojavejaz

    Leopard female with chin lumps

    My 6 year old female leopard tort has developed a lump on either side of her chin - much like a male desert tortoise would have. I've never seen this on any of my leopards before - is it a dietary deficiency or hormonal thing? She has just started showing interest in digging nests - although has...