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  1. Jessicap

    Craigslist repost small torts, wi
  2. Jessicap

    Craigslist sulcata for sale
  3. Jessicap

    Praying mantis

    Just wondering if anyone has housed a praying mantis with a tortoise? I have a red foot in a 4 x 8 enclosed pen and wondering if I could introduce a mantis in there to help with bug control. I also have two hermit crabs in the pen. Are they poisonous to the tortoise or will they bite and...
  4. Jessicap

    question for snake lovers

    Just wondering if I need to worry about a 3-4ft Pine snake eating my dutch rabbit. And if anyone lives near the Green Bay area and would like a Pine snake - PLEASE COME AND TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!
  5. Jessicap

    anyone know what kind of plant this is?

    It is a perennial that I received years ago from a friend and grows extremely well in our soil. It grows in small bunches, has green foilage and gets yellow flowers in the spring. Wondering if it is a safe plant for torts.
  6. Jessicap

    Tornado Claire that recently went through Kentucky

    She is finally learning to relax and enjoy her warm soaks so I was able to get a couple pics without her moving. :D
  7. Jessicap

    shipping nightmare!

    Had my baby Greek Ibra shipped out yesterday from Arizona (I have been waiting for this day since mid December). She was shipped overnight and I was going to pick her up at the UPS station in Oshkosh right away this am so that she did not have to spend all day in the box. Got up and checked...
  8. Jessicap

    Wire housing extremely hot!

    The metal housing that the lamp holders are attached to inside my enclosure are getting extremely hot - untouchable. I wired it the same as the my smaller enclosure and I am able to touch that metal box. Any suggestions? HEre is what the set up looks like Thanks!
  9. Jessicap

    CHE vs incondescent bulb

    I was wondering the difference in heat emitted from a CHE vs an incondescent bulb. I have tried a few different sizes of bulbs in my new enclosure to see what I would need to heat it. 100 watts seems like it will work so wondering if the 100 watt CHE would distribute the same, more or less...
  10. Jessicap

    Wisconsin Reptile Expo

    Is anyone attending this expo in Madison, Wi in May?
  11. Jessicap

    anole or tree frog

    I know many of you are against other animals in with your torts, but I have been reading up on the bioactive substrate, which I have put together for my new RF enclosure. The substrate has bugs and worms to turn the soil and decompose any left over Poo and food. My worry is the bugs getting...
  12. Jessicap

    Finished Decorating

    Okay here is the almost finished enclosure... just waiting for the plants to have a chance to grow and need to put the plexi glass doors in, get the heat emitters and fill the pond. Want to make sure all fumes are gone. The linolium still is giving off somewhat of an odor. Forest side...
  13. Jessicap

    Look what I found in my yard today!

    :D It was finally warm enough for a little outside time and some good natural UV rays! It was so great to see them outside. Plus it means that my little one can be shipped!!!!! I am soooo excited.
  14. Jessicap

    bio active substrate

    Just wondering if anyone uses this method and if so the pros and cons that you have found. I have been checking it out and have one concern - BUGS! I see you need the bugs but have you had issues with them getting out and populating your home or getting over populated inside the enclosure...
  15. Jessicap

    New RF enclosure with stand

    Okay so I finally got it built! I just need to decorate, but wanted to let you see it so far. The enclosure is 4x8x2' tall. I have 4 light fixtures and one 4ft flourescent light. I also have a sprinkler system set up with 4 sprinklers for misting. These hoses are attached to a 2 gal hand...
  16. Jessicap

    Milk tree frog with a Redfoot tortoise

    Wondering if anyone knows anything about milk tree frogs and if they or anyother type of frog/toad would be compatible with a REdfoot Tortoise. I have these little bugs that I just can't seem to get on top off and thought a frog/toad would be a good companion to help keep the bugs to a minimum...
  17. Jessicap

    1 yr old sulcata-chicago craigslist
  18. Jessicap

    Wheel Capacity - help!

    i have my new enclosure almost complete and am currenlty working on a cart to set it on. I want to put wheels under it but need to make sure they will carry the weight. When the wheel capacity states 90lbs, is that 90 per wheel or total weight of object. I am assuming it means to take the...
  19. Jessicap

    Russian "Box turtles" on CL in Chicago I sent them an email letting them know they are tortoises and that they are VERY different than box turtles in care. I also told them to refer anyone that purchases them to this forum for caresheets and support. Hope they listen!
  20. Jessicap

    George (T.G.G) and Sid RF

    George enjoying his morning soak! I love how he just spreads all out, seems to REALLY enjoy it. Here is a trick that George does - he can "Shake" ... lol Always sticks his foot up when I put my hand in there :D And here is an updated pic of Sidney... He has grown a whole...