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    Looking for 4x8 enclosure reccomendations post inside of the thread!

    Hello any of you guys got any reccomendations for like a 4x8 enclosure? i need it for my tortoise to last me a while and its gonna be indoor also my tortoise is a hatching so i need like a closed chamber type
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    Double layered tortoise enclosure

    Have any ideas? I’m looking for a double layered enclosure because in Massachusetts I live at the top part tippity top near Boston but anyways I could make an outside enclosure but here sometimes the temperatures reach like -10 and like I don’t want my tortoise to freeze to death so like got any...
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    What enclosure should I get?

    Could you guys link me like a list of like things to put in my enclosure under $100 please also here’s my tortoise a red foot tortoise hatchling