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    Torts are fine in storms ain't they?? Storms in Cyprus that is lol we are in the middle of a storm at the mo, thunder, lightening, rain (not currently raining now) but still warm, I'm walking around with no top on lol they are in there enclosure but all snug as a bug, I've checked on them :) lol...
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    Are torts ok to live with hedgehogs?? In an enclosure?
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    In a pickle

    Hello people, I'm in a pickle!! I fly back to the UK in December for 3weeks for Christmas and looking forward to it but I'm really stuck with what to do with the torts :( December out here can be a bit cold and rainey and sometimes, very stormy!! Being here, I would keep an eye on the situation...
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    Ideal weight

    I people, I have 3 Greeks, Henry 2, Hetty 3, Fred about 2!! I have there weights with a little help from somebody (you know who you are) lol just wanting to know if there ideal weights for them, they are Henry and Fred are 139gms Hetty 191gms Thankyou dan
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    My hetty and fred, henry was camera shy

    Fred Hetty Fred eating, kinda lol You looking at me??[hr] Sorry about the double lol
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    Hi guys, I'm just curious, it's getting cooler here now In cyprus now and you can really tell and I've started noticing that my female hetty seems to be a little more active than what she has been over the last few months!! My wife went out in the garden to peg the washing in last night around...
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    Leave outside over winter??

    As most of you know, I live out here In cyprus and temps!! Temps are lovely year round, even throughout winter, It doesn't really drop below 14degrees during the day but at night it can sometimes drop as low as 10degrees!! I'm planning on leaving my greek torts outside until the end of October...
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    Does anybody happen to have a link on how to enter a pic into the calendar competion please? And how would you order one?
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    Alright guys, Whats the ideal weight my torts should be at?? Henry is about 1 and a half years old!! Hetty and Fred I'd say is roughly 2ish give or take a few months!! Thanks guys dan
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    Hints and tips

    Help!! Good friends of mine have got a tortoise and are new to it so I'm helping them along!! But, it's gone missing :( any tips or hints when looking for him guys!! I'm looking tommorow and won't stop till I find it :(
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    Right, I'm undecided on wever to hibernate ours or not and this has been on my mind for a little while now!! A very well known tortoise keeper and a strong solid expert in them has told me that whilst I'm out here in Cyprus that it's not worth it and not to bother with it as they will only...
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    Houdinini maybe??

    Sooo, I just went out to check on my torts and to my surprise, I found my Fred ON TOP of his enclosure hut :/ lol how the hell he got there I really don't know but he was haha would have left him there and maybe built something so he can get up on top and down again but I'd be afraid he'd fall...
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    Just a question, what are the thoughts of the ages of my torts from people?? I wana see if I've roughly worked it out right!! :) Henry photo 1 Hetty photo 2 Fred photo 3
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    Easy in the UK

    As the majority of you know, I live in Cyprus and I'm here for another 2yrs yet so at the moment, I have it easy with the torts because it's obviously there natural environment but when I return to the uk in 2014 I think I might have to learn from the start again!! Lol because I obviously can't...
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    New lid for my torts enclosure!!

    Finally looking like the finished product :) since this pic, I've added an underground hide, it's dug down about half a meter with a slope going down into it with dead leaves, twigs etc in it!! It will be closed off in the rainey months thou lol
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    As anybody got a list of the torts that are on the endangered species list please??
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    The most amazing sight ever :)

    Me and the wife have just got back from the best experience ever.............watching baby turtles hatch on a nearby beach and making there way down to the sea :D one word to describe it.........AMAZING!!!! Sooooo small and cute and after there little journey of making there way up thru the sand...
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    Tortoise trust??

    Is it true what they say, if a tort eats out of your hand comfortable, he/she trusts you?? If so, my Fred trusts me now :) and at long last, my hetty :) both came over to me for food!! Happy happy happy!!!!!!! All 3 are now :)
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    All me thru humidity people, I get confused lol Higher the better?? Lower the better?? Sorry lol
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    New salad food

    What other salad foods can I feed Henry,Hetty and Fred?? From shops I mean I already feed romaine lettuce, mixed salad bags which contain different leafs, cucumber!! I'm going to try rocket!! Can I try endives?? Parsley?? watercress??