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    New baby belize sliders. Need help please.

    2 baby Belize sliders will be arriving at my house tomorrow and i'm not prepared for them. I need help with housing and equipment. I plan to buy a 20 gallon long aquarium. Someone recommended the Penguin 200 filter by Marineland. the issue that i'm having is that with a hang on the back filter I...
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    Adult Diamondback terrapin & Caramel

    Where did you find such beautiful terrapins?
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    Easy incubator

    Im looking to breed crested geckos among other things and I have never purchased an incubator before. I did some research into incubators and it seems like this one has this problem and that one has that problem. Is there an incubator out there thats just easy and efficient?
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    Miracle grow organic choice topsoil for substrate?

    Can I use "Miracle Grow Organic Choice Topsoil" for substrate? It says it would feed your plants for up to 2 months, does that mean that it has fertilizer and that I shouldn't use it? Its the only organic topsoil that home depot has. This is for Sulcata and Crested Geckos. :D
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    who's had enough of ball pythons?

    Just picked up an awsome pair of crested geckos =)
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    My new baby sulcata

    Where did you get him from?
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    Hurricane Sandy killed my tortoise.

    After I get things settled I would very much like to get another tortoise.
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    Hurricane Sandy killed my tortoise.

    Hey guys, Hurricane sandy crashed into my house and filled my entire basement with water. Unfortunately that is where Henry lived. He was my best buddy, always reminded me to take life slow. I am going to miss him. R.I.P. Henry.
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    I could use a recommendation. Im looking for a young male sulcata.
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    6 inch sulcata with no pyramiding wanted

    I would like to purchase a male 6 inch sulcata with no pyramiding if possible. If anyone has one that they would like to sell please contact me. Thank you.
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    Should i soak my tortoise be4 eating or eat be4 soak

    I soak in the morning, then feed. He spends so much energy trying to get out of the tub that he works up a real good appetite. He also poops in the tub first thing in the morning which makes it much easier to keep his enclosure clean.
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    Sulcata growth rate

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    Sulcata growth rate

    I didnt get him till he was about 6 months old and he had slight pyramiding. He has been gaining a little over a gram a day I think. I hope the slight pyramiding that he has does not stunt his growth.
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    Sulcata growth rate

    I have a very young sulcata. born august 25, 2011 and in the past week he has gained 8 grams. He now ways 87 grams. Is normal for a tort this age?
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    Wow, If thats your smallest I cant even begin to imagine what your biggest must look like....
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    Recent hatchings

    awsome babies
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    Beginner Mistakes - commentary

    RE: Beginner Mistakes When i first got my sulcata i had him on Rabbit pellets. After joining this forum he is now on eco earth, has a large, shallow water bowl, varied diet, humid hide and takes frequent baths. I thank you all for all your advice.
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    tortoise rammed...Size does matter ***Graphic Images***

    Thats a pretty scary looking wound. Hope he heals ok.