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    Do you have a bigger tortoise?

    How do you feed all of these and what do you feed them all?? Lol
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    Burrowing tort

    Hi there, I have 3 Greeks myself and I've had them for a fair few years and I can tell you now, this is normal :) I can go days without seeing mine up and about, I always know where they are thou, if I don't see them come up for breakfast then I will look for them and if they don't come up for...
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    Russian Tortoise Gone Missing

    Hi, I would worry too much, there's always a chance he will reappear!! True story, my mates who live across the road from me brought a tort and had him in a temp built enclosure whilst they were sorting out a bigger enclosure for him, one morning the lady of the house woke up and went to check...
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    I've not had problems with drainage before so hopefully all is fine and well, the storms still ongoing, been going since 9am ( its now 1130pm) lol stopped a little then started again but now it's just lightening lol no rain or thunder!!
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    Eating out of my hand!

    Storms still going on, it came back!! Just lightening now, no rain, no thunder!! I've been brave and left them be tonight outside, I do worry too much, they are tough little guys, I dont know why I worry!! Natural maybe?? They should be fine :)
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    Eating out of my hand!

    It is!! :) maybe he was doing this because it was too hot for him and he wanted to get in the shade during the hottest parts of the days, then in the winter, he may have felt that it was cool enough too sleep out under the bushes and the stars, if you understand!! I live in Cyprus and my torts...
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    Eating out of my hand!

    It is a big moment :) when my 3 first eat of my hand for the first time, I felt a bond!! They do it now without hesitation and I try to feed them by hand every few weeks
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    Torts are fine in storms ain't they?? Storms in Cyprus that is lol we are in the middle of a storm at the mo, thunder, lightening, rain (not currently raining now) but still warm, I'm walking around with no top on lol they are in there enclosure but all snug as a bug, I've checked on them :) lol...
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    Thankyou, it's not for me, it's for a friend :)
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    Are torts ok to live with hedgehogs?? In an enclosure?
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    In a pickle

    Hello people, I'm in a pickle!! I fly back to the UK in December for 3weeks for Christmas and looking forward to it but I'm really stuck with what to do with the torts :( December out here can be a bit cold and rainey and sometimes, very stormy!! Being here, I would keep an eye on the situation...
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    Ideal weight

    I people, I have 3 Greeks, Henry 2, Hetty 3, Fred about 2!! I have there weights with a little help from somebody (you know who you are) lol just wanting to know if there ideal weights for them, they are Henry and Fred are 139gms Hetty 191gms Thankyou dan
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    My hetty and fred, henry was camera shy

    Fred Hetty Fred eating, kinda lol You looking at me??[hr] Sorry about the double lol
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    Hi guys, I'm just curious, it's getting cooler here now In cyprus now and you can really tell and I've started noticing that my female hetty seems to be a little more active than what she has been over the last few months!! My wife went out in the garden to peg the washing in last night around...
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    Leave outside over winter??

    As most of you know, I live out here In cyprus and temps!! Temps are lovely year round, even throughout winter, It doesn't really drop below 14degrees during the day but at night it can sometimes drop as low as 10degrees!! I'm planning on leaving my greek torts outside until the end of October...
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    My tortoise has passed away.

    I'm sooo sorry to hear this :( head up!! I had the same experience with a hatchling that was given to me by a shop who hadn't looked after her, it was too late for her, I gave her the best possibly last few months :( rip to your tort!!
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    Does anybody happen to have a link on how to enter a pic into the calendar competion please? And how would you order one?
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    Can I get these to you tommorow? I just got into bed and just saw your comment, I have them in inches but can't remember of the top of my head and it's all down stairs lol
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    Defiantly can't understand this lol
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    Greeks :) I think mine are going to sprout later on lol