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    New baby belize sliders. Need help please.

    2 baby Belize sliders will be arriving at my house tomorrow and i'm not prepared for them. I need help with housing and equipment. I plan to buy a 20 gallon long aquarium. Someone recommended the Penguin 200 filter by Marineland. the issue that i'm having is that with a hang on the back filter I...
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    Easy incubator

    Im looking to breed crested geckos among other things and I have never purchased an incubator before. I did some research into incubators and it seems like this one has this problem and that one has that problem. Is there an incubator out there thats just easy and efficient?
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    Miracle grow organic choice topsoil for substrate?

    Can I use "Miracle Grow Organic Choice Topsoil" for substrate? It says it would feed your plants for up to 2 months, does that mean that it has fertilizer and that I shouldn't use it? Its the only organic topsoil that home depot has. This is for Sulcata and Crested Geckos. :D
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    Hurricane Sandy killed my tortoise.

    Hey guys, Hurricane sandy crashed into my house and filled my entire basement with water. Unfortunately that is where Henry lived. He was my best buddy, always reminded me to take life slow. I am going to miss him. R.I.P. Henry.
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    6 inch sulcata with no pyramiding wanted

    I would like to purchase a male 6 inch sulcata with no pyramiding if possible. If anyone has one that they would like to sell please contact me. Thank you.
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    Sulcata growth rate

    I have a very young sulcata. born august 25, 2011 and in the past week he has gained 8 grams. He now ways 87 grams. Is normal for a tort this age?
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    cuttlebone or no?

    Should I keep a cuttleone in his enclosure for calcium or no?
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    Is this bad Pyramiding?

    When I got my tort he was about 6 months and had some pyramiding. Is this bad? Will this prevent him from having a round shell later on?
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    Reptile Addiction/Obsession (Pics)

    Yea I kinda have an addiction. I love animals but I am highly allergic to fur and feathers. So I am kind of obsessed with reptiles. I have a Sulcata Tortoise, savannah Monitor and now 2 Jackson's Chameleons. I also bought my brother a Pacman frog when I was at the reptile expo. I love all my...
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    Jackson's Chameleons

    I went to the reptile expo. I am not really sure how or why but somehow I ended up with a pair of Jackson's chameleons......
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    Updated Enclosure Pics

    Almost Done.
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    New and improved Humid Hide

    I took out his log because he never uses his humid hide...
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    Richard Fife

    Anybody know anything about Richard Fife and his Ivory tortoises? If i was to purchase a Sulcata would he be a good person to buy from? Also does Het for ivory mean anything or is that just a way for them to make more money?
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    Urethane or silicone first? (plywood enclosure)

    Should I spray urethane and then silicone the corners or should i silicone and then spray the urethane? (plywood enclosure)
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    collard greens

    Can I feed my sulcata Collard greens every day?
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    I have read that overfeeding your tortoise can create shell problems and stuff. Is this true? do i need to worry about overfeeding my baby Sulcata?
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    Spar urethane

    Can I use spar urethane for my plywood enclosure? And if yes can I paint it after the fact?
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    Lighting help please!

    I need a light fixture to put inside my 4 foot long enclosure that is compatible with a zoomed 36" reptisun 10.0. Do i have to buy a zoomed fixture or can I buy something at home depot that would be compatible? Lighting for large enclosures are extremely expensive and I am trying to find a...
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    Scale to weigh tortoise hatchlings

    I want to buy a Scale to weigh my tortoise hatchling so I can measure his growth rate. Anybody know where to buy a sensitive scale that measures grams or something?
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    plexiglass track

    I just got the plexiglass track for my new enclosure in the mail. There are 2 pieces one for top and bottom however one of them is higher than the other. Does anyone know if the the higher side goes on top or bottom?