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    MVB causing probs with torts

    Ok, switched over to solar glo mvb bulbs by exoterra about a month and a half ago. I have been keeping a log of the uvb output and so far so good. But, 2 of my torts eyes are starting to swell shut and pus a bit. In my opinion its the bulbs as their care is spot on. Im going to take the bulbs...
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    Russian setup questions

    Ok, my son finally talked me into getting a russian. He saw one at petco and really enjoyed it, I have to admit I did to. I never liked them before getting my hands on him. Well anyway what substrate you'll using? I use all sphagnum/cypress with my torts but was thinking sand/coir for this...
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    Damn does dating suck!!!

    Ok, to all the single people out here doesnt dating suck??? I recently moved back to Wisconsin after a few years in Florida with an ex girlfriend. Now im back up here and dating is super hard. I mean I could just be to scary to date...haha. Im ex military, spent 10 years in special ops. Im also...
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    Temps never exact

    Ok, I wanted to post some ideas on temps. I have seen a lot of posts latley where newcomers ask about good basking/ambient temps. Then there is the usual debate like always. Ok first thing is, your ambient or basking temps will ALWAYS vary. There is no exact way to keep temps constant. If you...
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    Soft plastron

    Just a general question. I assume all hatchlings plastrons are soft, how long does it take for them to usually harden up?
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    How much???

    Ok I have a red eared slider and african sideneck in a 55 gallon tank filled about 3/4ths full. I have a turtle dock for them to bask on and nothing else in the tank as they like to spend most of their time floating around. So im just curious what other turtle keepers put in their tanks, also...
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    Uvb decisions

    Ok there is much debate as to weather or not certain uvb bulbs are safe to use or not. I know MVB'S are the way to go but I do have some reptisun uvb fluorescent bulbs by zoomed. These are not spiral, more like u shaped tubes. I have gotten many different opinions, some say there great, others...
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    Feel horrible

    Driving past Walgreens today and in the driveway I see a guy laying with people around him, I assume he was hit by a car or something.I saw paramedics coming in the mirror so I didnt stop. Anyway, I feel horrible. I hate seeing people hurt and me being unable to help.
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    How many times a day???

    Hey, wondering how many times a day you can or do feed hatchling sulcatas? Mine eat in the morn, nap then wanna eat in the evening. So do I give smaller amounts in morn and then a bit at night?
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    Wont eat mazuri

    Ok, no matter how hard I try I can not get my hatchling sulcatas to eat mazuri. I soak it long so it gets soft, even made it into a paste, mixed it with greens and they avoid it like the plague. Anyone else ever had this prob??
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    New tort keeper

    Hey all, new tort keeper here. Looking forward to learning all I can. Keep lots of snakes/monitors but tortoises are a new thing