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  1. Paul M Jones

    Mature female Russian tortoise

    im seeking a mature female Russian tortoise for my male. It breaks my heart seeing what he's doing to that poor rock in his enclosure. If anyone around NJ can help please message me
  2. Paul M Jones

    Post pics your Outside tortoise pens.

    I'm currently Working on setting up a new summer tort pen. Pics to come soon. If you don't mind, Please post your pics I'm looking for some new ideas.
  3. Paul M Jones

    Some gopher tortoises

    These are two of the three tortoises that live under my brother in laws shed in Florida. 1 more week and I'll be there snapping pictures .
  4. Paul M Jones

    Can anybody on here delete my old profile??

    I already asked a moderator and that person said they would do it, but it never happened. Anyone else please. I can't post anything on that profile except messages to other people, and when I spend money to support tfo it goes to that profile, even when I use my email for this ( my current )...
  5. Paul M Jones

    Growing so fast

    When I got turbo back in July he, (or she) was 78g now passed the 360g mark.
  6. Paul M Jones

    Sulcatas still pyramiding

    Ok someone help. My sulcatas are in a 90%humid tank. Substrate is cypress mulch, I soak them for 25 mins a day, their diet is zoo med grassland tortoise food, spring mix greens, Timothy hay, and I have pots where I plant my own grass for them to eat. Problem is they still seem to be pyramiding...
  7. Paul M Jones

    my custom lid

    my custom lid for my sulcata tank. made of pvc board, keeps the tank at 90% humidity,
  8. Paul M Jones

    anyone else have problems posting pictures for there albums?

    for some reason i cant post any pictures. when i try i i get a message saying there is a problem with the server
  9. Paul M Jones

    Point pleasant NJ

    hi my name is Paul Jones, i currently live in Point Pleasant NJ, originally from Jonesboro, GA. i have another account on here but it wont let me post pics or threads. i Have Two Juvenile Sulcatas, Tank and Turbo. i also have 4 Eastern Box Turtles, 4 Eastern Painted Turtles, 2 Red Eared Sliders...