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    Indoor enclosure and live plants

    Does anyone have any experience with an indoor set up with live plants and a "grow" light? I will be moving my Russians indoors soon and THEY ARE NO GOING TO LIKE IT. They have spent all summer outdoors agian with several varieties of greens and flowers. Usually when I move them indoors I put...
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    "Free feed" or limit how long the food is down

    I would NEVER "free feed" my dogs (leave the food out all the time). I do find myself free feeding my tortoises though. I fill their dishes, they never eat it all and I replace their food the next day. I believe I am creating picky eaters that are also getting less social with me. I hope...
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    Are ants or diatomaceous earth harmful to a russian tortoise?

    I have ants that have taken up residence in my outdoor tortose areas I was planning to use diatomaceous earth to get rid of them. My question is are either the ants or diatomaceous earth harmful to my Russian Tortoises? If anyone have a proven method of getting rid of the ants I would be so...
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    I don't get it......hydration

    First I want to say thank you, I REALLY appreciate all of the information shared on tortoise forum and I am following ALL of the care information that I can. That being said, I don't understand how tortoises survive in the wild if they need separate "forced" soaks even when water is available...
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    Great group - asking for some help Box Turtle and Russian Tortoise - pictures

    I adopted this little box turtle a little over a year ago from the local humane society but I am not sure what she is. I have looked at tons of pictures but I just cant tell. Can someone please tell me what Box Turtle variety she is? Is she a Desert Box Turtle or an Ornate Box Turtle or maybe...
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    Another ID hopeful

    I adopted RuPaul Schultz from our local humane society, she was found wandering the streets. I am located in NW Washington. I think she is a rather young (REALLY prefers meat and meal worms to veggies and fruit at this point) Desert Box Turtle so not native to my area and must have been...