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  1. SweetPete7


    I've noticed the pyramiding too. . .I keep the enclosure at 40% humidity, and he does have a humid hide. I soak him, but he's never been big into that. . . .I get the look of death every time. ;) His personality is coming out as he gets older. . .now he'll head butt my finger and squint his...
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    Happy birthday Sonne ;))) He's a year old!!! I'll post a pic of when I first got him, so you can see how much he's grown/changed~
  3. SweetPete7

    My Little Guy

    Aaaaaaw! Beautiful boy!!!!
  4. SweetPete7 (AKA Customer Reviews

    First things first, here is my proof of purchase: SO, having placed the order on August 20th, and not actually RECIEVING my order until 3 days shy of a month, I'm sure you can understand the frustration. What made this particularly unsettling is that would not respond to the...
  5. SweetPete7

    Question, help- pretty please~

    Thank you all, for your input ;) I appreciate it!!!!
  6. SweetPete7

    Question, help- pretty please~

    How durable do you think this cage is? Would a sizable tortoise be able to push through it, do you think?
  7. SweetPete7

    Tweeds anyone?

    Yes, it was a bit expensive. I was also hoping that if he'd accept the Tweeds, he'd perhaps become more accustomed to fibrous foods (hays, etc.), as right now he does not pay any attention to any type of grasses or hays (he'll only eat the spring mix and cactus pads).
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    Tweeds anyone?

    Nope, no water~
  9. SweetPete7

    Tweeds anyone?

    you should order the tortoise seed mix form i planted some about 5 days ago and everything is already 3-4 inches can grow it in a flat under a regular "twist" fluorescent has a few types of grasses,couple of clovers,and some weeds. I have some seed mixes...
  10. SweetPete7

    Tweeds anyone?

    I've ordered Tortoise Tweeds and offered them to Sonne. . . .he won't even bat an eye (big surprise *not*, he's quite picky). Just curious if anyone else has had luck with them?
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    Favorite flower?

    Ha ;) fussy indeed! I can relate. . . my Sonne does not grasp the concept of "beggers can't be choosers".
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    Zoo Med Natural Grassland Tortoise Food?

    I bought it, along with about 4 other types of "supplementive diets" (Mazuri, etc.)- and once again Sonne (leopard tort hatchling) threw up his "DENIED" sign. . . . .grrr. He'd have never survived as a successful pot smoker, as he does not seem to like any type of grasses. . . *snickers*. So...
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    Favorite flower?

    Beautiful boy :)
  14. SweetPete7

    Favorite flower?

    HA ;D
  15. SweetPete7

    Favorite flower?

    Hello all! Just wondering which flowers are your tortoises favorite? To eat of course :P
  16. SweetPete7

    Opinions, anyone?

    I concur with the ridiculousness. . . .especially considering they are cold blooded animals. But on the same token, I'll give a C+ for creativity~
  17. SweetPete7

    Opinions, anyone?
  18. SweetPete7

    Baaaaaaaaaad day for RES

    Holy crow. . . .its been a bad day in South Dakota for a lot of RES- on the road. I will admit though, I had to question the level of intelligence. . . .when placing torts off the road and into the ditch- SOME head back for the road *cmon' now!!*
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    Hypo p.pardalis

    *coughing* twelve thousand dollars! I just choked on my pancakes. . . .
  20. SweetPete7

    Zoomed (metal) clamp light fixture

    Similar to that, however I had the "bowl" resting on the hook. Perhaps that (my way) isn't how your supposed to use the light/stand combo- but I've had no problems with doing it that way with the porcelain lamp.