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  1. seanang168

    Covid-19 Coronavrius Lockdown

    Amid this lockdown, I am concerned about being taken away for quarantine because there would be no one care for my stars. Stay safe everyone
  2. seanang168

    My 21 year old Girl

    I think she is at least 21 or older.
  3. seanang168

    Anyone knows what is this?

    Occasionally, they appeared on top of the soil of my flower pots. Is it somekind of egg or is it those decorative stones? But I didn't buy any decorative stones.
  4. seanang168

    I just cut my tort's nails.

    For 21 years, I didn't do anything about the nails as I wasn't sure how to do it. But I noted that the nails were getting far too long and yesterday I just did it on my girl after running through some YouTube videos. Before cut After cut
  5. seanang168

    How often do you feed your star tortoises?

    I used to feed my star tortoises twice a day. Then I noted some people said that tortoises need not be fed too often, with some suggesting alternate days for feeding. So I cut down to once a day. But I tend to notice that if I feed in morning, they tend to ask for food again in evening. The...
  6. seanang168

    Your Views on the following products

    I would like to seek your views on the use of the following products as star tortoises substrate. a) Made from Fir Bark b) Cannot find info on the type of the bark c) made from Pine Bark All three types claimed that product is washable and reuseable. Anyone uses these?
  7. seanang168

    What would you do with your Tort that has passed on?

    This thought has always crossed my mind randomly. I do not have a garden. I am thinking that the approach for me is to release it back to the ocean. What approaches do you think you will adopt?
  8. seanang168

    A Belated Introduction

    I think I have not given an introduction of myself as I was not comfortable with it for a long time. If you read, you would understand. I have a pair of Star Tortoises which should be 20 years old now. A male and a female. The male is smaller in size and he mounted her often. But the eggs...
  9. seanang168

    Can I reuse vermiculite?

    My star tortoises eggs generally failed to hatch. Can I reuse the vermiculite after I removed these bad eggs? The eggs didnt explode. I placed the vermiculite in boiling water and let it dry. I have instances where eggs exploded, for these, I will remove a small portion of the vermiculite...
  10. seanang168

    Can tortoise eat fresh grass?

    Over at my country in South East Asia, this grass with the common name Cowgrass is everywhere. Do we cut such fresh grass to feed tortoise? Or is this grass even edible? So far, I only buy my greens from the supermarket to feed my Star Tortoises I cannot bring out my tortoises to the outside...
  11. seanang168

    Can Star tortoise eat this kind of Cactus?

    I have lots of such cactus at my place in South East Asia and I would regularly remove some to control the growth. Do you I could feed this to my star tortoise? Of course I would remove the spines first. So far I know that Cactus pads are recommended only but I do not have information about...
  12. seanang168

    Can Star Tortoise Eat this Flower?

    I have two big pots of this plant which we commonly called it Water Jasmine in South East Asia. The flowers blooms quite frequently and the size is small. This plant is usually used in making Bonsai. I got no experience in using flowers to feed my tortoise. Do you think the leaves and the...
  13. seanang168

    Would Inbreeding take place?

    I an wondering is it ok to keep siblings together, would they starts to inbreed? Also can they live in their parents enclosure? Would there be incest later? I do not have a lot of space in the house to have many enclosures. Just have these questions in mind in case I have successful...
  14. seanang168

    Does anyone use Newspaper as Substrate?

    I have been using newspaper as substrate on my pair of Star Tortoise for 20 years. I have been following the use of different types of substrates and it seems that there are a lot of management issues. Furthermore I am from South East Asia and the kind of substrates mentioned here are hard to...
  15. seanang168

    Whizzing Sound from Star Tortoise

    This year I noted that one of my male adult star tortoise has started to give whizzing sound during some breathing session. There are no bubbles and he seemed to be still eating normally and also still active. I think it has been 6 months and there are no deteriorations and he is still...
  16. seanang168

    Any Experience with Eggs Incubation?

    I have five eggs laid in mid Aug this year and they are placed in a small incubator with temperature set at abt 31 degrees C. They are about three quarter covered in moist vermiculite. Inside got a small container where I top it with water to maintain humidity. About once a week I will open...
  17. seanang168

    Urine as Chemical Weapon?

    My two torts have a habit of peeing when I am holding them in the midst of cleaning them. I wonder if this is a defensive mechanism which some animals adopted. Anyone encountered this behaviour? Just a curious observation due I was a bit annoyed when the pee lands on my legs.
  18. seanang168

    Anyone got experience using Reptile Grass as substrate?

    I have been using Newspaper as substrate for the last ten years for my two stars. For a change, I bought 4 Paw Reptile carpet grass as new substrate for them. However after one night, the stars half over turned the carpet grass and hide underneath, a habit they developed when I used Newspaper...