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    Please help - What Breed?!

    Thankyou for your help 👍🏼
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    Anybody know What this is?

    hey! I know this is a few years old.. but how did your tortoise get on?
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    Please help - What Breed?!

    I know it’s sad isn’t it! Are lower beaks okay to be trimmed like top ones?
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    Seeking a second opinion

    I work in the veterinary industry - Pet owners ask for second opinions all the time and it’s fine👍🏼! x
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    A little help - I’m a newbie!

    Hello! I’ve recently took on a rescue Russian tortoise.. After much debate and research I’ve decided to build him a tortoise table (he’s currently in a viv) However I’m not sure how I can hang his UVB tube? Can I have some inspo please! Thankyou!
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    Please help - What Breed?!

    yes I will do, he’s got a severe undershot jaw but we have an appointment on Thursday with an exotic vet (it doesn’t stop him from eating) Yes of course! He has a terrible undershot jaw (we have an appointment with an exotic vet tomorrow - wish us luck) He eats very well considering. He’s...
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    Please help - What Breed?!

    Thankyou, im not sure the standards of the enclosure he was kept in. He came to me with a vivarium and wooden cat litter? I’m moving him into a tortoise table tomorrow, just need to make and set it up today. Thankyou again for your help!
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    Please help - What Breed?!

    Hello! I have acquired a tortoise from someone who “doesn’t have the time” They are unable to tell me the breed and rough age? Is there anyone who can help just so I can provide the right set up and diet Thankyou in advance