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  1. kanalomele

    Russian Tortoise Juveniles

    Top Quality Russian Tortoise 2015 holdbacks. Incubated for Female. Different genetic lines available. Competitively priced at $150+shipping. Pm here or email [email protected]
  2. kanalomele

    Russian Tortoises

    I have a few Russian Tortoise holdbacks from 2014 and 2015 that I have decided to let go of. They are healthy active and bright. I am an experienced shipper and ship throughout the contiguous US. I can be contacted here or at [email protected] They are $175 + shipping Pick up is...
  3. kanalomele

    CB Russian 2014 Yearlings and 2015 hatchlings

    150$+shipping each. Payment through PayPal and shipping through SYR. Pm here or email me at [email protected] All proceeds support the rescue efforts.
  4. kanalomele

    Trade 2013 Ornate hatchlings

    I have gorgeous 2013 cb Ornate hatchlings for trade. I am specifically looking for Adult Female Russians or Leopard hatchlings started hot and humid. P.Paradalis preferred but open to P. Babcocki or hybrids. Open to other offers. Pm here or [email protected]
  5. kanalomele

    "Button" turtle

    Does such a creature exist? At a local club meeting I visited with a man who said he had a "Button Turtle" It looked to me exactly like a hatchling Musk turtle but he insisted that it was sold to him as this very rare type of turtle. He was asking me how to care for it. It was very small (maybe...
  6. kanalomele

    Skin diseases in tortoises?

    A longtime keeper in a local group and myself were offering advice to a new keeper of a hatchling Greek tortoise. I offered that I soak all my hatchlings of all the species I keep daily, and use a higher ambient humidity environment. Now I do this because it has always made sense to me that...
  7. kanalomele

    Meet Chance!

    Hatchling Leo that hatched deformed. I took him on in order to give him his best "chance" at life. A local college student hatched his clutch and did not have the time to give him the attention he needs. A large portion of his back shell did not develop at all. Along with his tail which...
  8. kanalomele

    2012 Russian Hatchlings for sale

    I am reluctantly offering a few 2012 Russian hatchlings for sale. These were ones I had decided to hold back for myself. However I am currently over crowded with rescues that require overwintering and quarantine. Sadly I need the space these beauties are occupying. I am asking 100.00+ shipping...
  9. kanalomele

    new hatchling pics

    Hi all, I just wanted to post some new pics of my RT hatchlings. These guys are doing great!
  10. kanalomele

    100% hatch rate

    This year my RT girl laid two clutches, the first being 5 eggs the second 4. Today the last of the first clutch hatched successfully! I am thrilled with this as I have never had a clutch with a 100% hatch rate. Everybody looks great with no extra scutes or anything!! Now we wait another 4+...
  11. kanalomele

    Peek a boo!

    Welcome to the world lil one!
  12. kanalomele

    Paradalis vs. Babcocki

    Leos are my next tort for sure. So I'm trying to figure out the differences between the subspecies. Is there external differences, how do you identify one without knowing the breeder. Can they be housed together, kept under the same conditions? Will they breed with one another? Is there one...
  13. kanalomele

    identify these please

    Ok so I'm relying on the experience of this forums experts to help with a delima. I have had torts for 13 plus years now. Focusing on the health of my torts has long been my priority. After spending some time on here, I have been enjoying learning much more than I ever had. But it has made me...
  14. kanalomele

    hi to all

    I am a long time tortoise lover and owner of 2 rescued Russian torts Tucker and Gigi. Living in the Sacramento valley. My torts live outside here and do well in a yard entirely planted for their grazing enjoyment. I am happy to be here.