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    Mazzuri Small Tortoise Diet LS

    I've never had any luck with getting any of my tortoises to eat the Mazuri LS pellets. They all love the larger, original pellets. I always soak them in warm water to soften them and mix them with greens, regardless of whether it's for babies or adult tortoises.
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    Paint or wood sealant--health hazards?

    Speaking from my experience as a carpenter who did a lot of painting and staining, the exterior finish that you use depends very much on your local environment in terms of how effective it is going to be protecting the exterior wood. In most areas water sealers, transparent stains...
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    Weird that I don’t “interact” with my Tortoise?

    Not weird at all. I have not "interacted" with my tortoises and turtles for over 35 years! I believe in giving them every possible resource I can for them to act as naturally as possible (despite being in captivity). I I respect them as animals, not as playthings for my amusement. I want them to...
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    Squeaking seems more like communication

    Tortoises do not use sound to communicate in normal situations. The exception to that is while courting and breeding. Males become very vocal during courting and especially during actual copulation by making several different levels of hissing and clucking vocalizations. Squeaking sounds are...
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    Natural sunlight or UVB fixture?

    I've been keeping, breeding and raising tortoises and turtles for over 35 years in the Catskills Mountains of New York State and have brumated Northern Testudo species, specifically Eastern Hermann's, Ibera Greeks and Russian tortoises, along with some turtle species outdoors for most of that...
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    Natural sunlight or UVB fixture?

    Exposure to natural sunlight available or not, it's still a good to have UV exposure indoors too. It helps to maintain a tortoises natural routine. Their every function is determined by temperatures and light duration & intensity. In order to promote and maintain that active routine they need...
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    Are these common enclosures?

    This size of enclosure is only suitable for very small tortoises, no larger than 2-3", even that is really too small. Tortoises are obviously very terrestrial animals and require as much, uncluttered square footage as possible to roam and explore. The larger the enclosure that one can provide...
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    Golden threat pond turtle sick

    Do you have a UVB light and basking light set up for your turtle?
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    Western Hermann's baby

    Western Hermann's tortoise, Testudo hermanni hermanni, captive born baby, 2 weeks old. From my Tuscan region adults. Eating, drinking, active and ready to go to a new home. $300 Price does not include shipping. Email me your zip code for a shipping cost. I accept money orders and Paypal. Please...
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    Dalmatian Hermann's female

    Dalmatian Hermann's, Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis, Long term captive, lives outdoors 24/7, very colorful, healthy and extremely active. Has produced eggs this year. $300 Price does not include shipping. Email me with a zip code for an accurate shipping cost. I accept money orders and Paypal...
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    What Brand of Cypress Mulch

    Cypress bark mulch is pretty much cypress bark mulch. Many home and garden stores have it available under their own brand name or in bulk. When purchasing just ensure that the pieces are sized appropriately for what you are using it for, that it is dye and chemical (pesticides & herbicides) free...
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    My Hermann wont eat

    Well first, it's not unusual for a tortoise that has been moved to a new environment to stop eating for a few days, even a week or more. But at the same time they will usually hide a lot too. Tortoises are very much creatures of habit and will establish a routine within their environment based...
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    My Hermann wont eat

    Despite not eating is he still active? Is he drinking regularly? What are the temperatures (day, night & basking) and humidity level in his indoor enclosure? How old or how big is he?
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    Turtle vs tortoise

    This is a question that you'll get a hundred different answers from a hundred different people! Back when I used to do educational talks on tortoises and turtles to school children and other groups the question would always come up and this what I would tell them (straight off my cue cards!)...
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    Ideas for Tunnel / Hide - Not Wood

    Corrugated black drainage pipe. It comes in several diameters. It can be cut the length that you want and cut lengthwise to sit on top of the ground or can be buried in the ground so with one or both ends open. It's almost indestructible. Large diameter pipe can be expensive but you can often...
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    Lenin Tortoise

    Do you mean to organize the wires? If so, Velcro organizer straps work well. You can get them at any Hardware store, Home Depot or Lowe's.
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    Lost western Herman's 9 months old

    Have you dug in the soil within the enclosure? It is very common for baby tortoises to bury themselves for security and to conserve body hydration. They will usually bury themselves at the base of a plant or near a rock or in a corner.
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    Need so tips

    Your set up looks good, but does appear to be in a glass aquarium. It might be a good idea to either cover the sides with a material that the tortoise cannot see through or build a solid sided enclosure. Tortoises don't comprehend the concept of glass as a boundary. If they can see what's on the...
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    Are you from Dickinson, North Dakota? Having lived in North Dakota (Minot) myself for 2.5 years I would not recommend trying to keep any species of tortoise outdoors there through the winter months, whether awake or in brumation. You will need to provide an indoor enclosure for your tortoise(s)...
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    New Tortoise Owner