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  1. Rocky219

    Which type of endive should be fed as a staple food?

    I was reading one of the care sheets by Tom and it said to feed escarole and endive as staple foods. Which type of endive? The white and yellow endive (Belgian) or the green and leafy endive (Curly endive). I have been feeding Belgian endive quite a bit. About 2-3 times a week. Any responses...
  2. Rocky219

    Food twice a day?

    I have a 3-4 year old male (At least I think) Hermann Tortoise. I feed him twice a day. Is this okay? I give him kale, bok choy, radicchio, cilantro, baby arugula, and dandelion greens. I also give him mazuri pellets and calcium 2-3 times a week.
  3. Rocky219

    Tortoise always has diarrhea in bath

    Is it normal that my Hermann Tortoise always has diarrhea in the bath. He is 3-4 years old and is a male (At least I think) Out of the bath he has one pieced normal stool but in the bath it is very messy. Is this just because of the water tearing it apart? I feed him dandelion greens, esacrole...
  4. Rocky219

    Do Tortoises like having the back of their shell lightly scratched?

    I heard that they like having their back scratched. Is this true?
  5. Rocky219

    Is a 7x2 and a half feet enclosure for indoors an okay size?

    A day or two ago some people on Tortoise forum helped me discover that my enclosure was too small. I did some research and some people said that the enclosure should be 3x6 or 4x4 or 4x8. My outside enclosure is probably 6 or 7x8 but it is too cold right now to keep him outside. The maximum I...
  6. Rocky219

    What should I do about my Tortoise scratching on the walls from being hungry?

    It could be something else but I am pretty sure that my Tortoise scratches on the walls due to hunger. I always make sure that his water bowl is full. The temperature in the basking spot is usually 94-99f. My Tortoise is a Hermann Tortoise 3-4 years of age, and I am pretty sure he is a male. If...
  7. Rocky219

    How often should I bathe a Tortoise who hates baths?

    I know how often to bathe a Tortoise and I bathe mine quite often about 3 times a week. I feel really bad though because he hates baths. He is a 3-4 year old Hermann Tortoise. I am pretty sure that I have the temperature right. It is pretty warm but not hot. I also replace the water every 7...
  8. Rocky219

    What is a signature?

    In my account setting it says signature what is this?
  9. Rocky219

    What should I do about my Tortoise and his shell?

    About 2 or so weeks ago I went to the vet because my Tortoise had some weird marks on his shell. The vet did not seem to sure about what is was but they said it was probably just bruises and not shell rot so they gave me some antibacterial scrub and silver sulfadiazine to put on the shell daily...
  10. Rocky219

    Tortoise yellow pee?

    I have a 3-4 year old Hermann Tortoise. I think it is a Male but not sure. I am worried because his urine in the bath looked a lot more yellow than usual. I could not take a photo because my phone was dead but the color looks like #ded312. If you just type that into google it will show you the...
  11. Rocky219

    Is it okay if I skip giving my Tortoise greens 2 days a week to feed him pellets instead?

    I have a 3-4 year old Hermann Tortoise. I feed him Mazuri pellets twice a week. I just want to check if it is okay that I skip giving him greens 2 days a week. If not should i give him pellets earlier in the day and greens later in the day?
  12. Rocky219

    Will my Tortoise be okay 5 days without a UVB bulb?

    I still have a bulb but it is the wrong one. I have a 3-4 year old Hermann Tortoise. Counting today will it will be 5 days until his new UVB comes. I could always turn the bad UVB back on but that may hurt his eyes. I turned his UVB off yesterday at around 4:30 pm or so.
  13. Rocky219

    Are UVB Strips okay?

    I just wanna make sure since I mam getting a new UVB since i had the wrong one and it was damaging his eyes
  14. Rocky219

    Is it normal for my Tortoise to sleep more in the winter?

    I have a 3-4 year old Hermann Tortoise. I think he is a male but I will really have to wait to see. I went to the vet about his urine being green they said that it is probably diet related and not liver disease (So they did not do a blood panel). They said that if he stops eating bring him back...
  15. Rocky219

    Has anyone had a Tortoise with fatty liver disease?

    As of this post I would say that we noticed something wrong 1 or 2 days ago. Again at the time I make this post the vet appointment is in 5 days. I called every vet that sees Tortoises up to 3 hours away. Is that okay that I have to wait 5 days? Will it get worse until then? I read it could be...
  16. Rocky219

    Is it normal for my Tortoise to sleep a lot?

    I am not that worried because he still eats and looks well. But he naps a lot. He just basks. He doesn't really run around his enclosure. He is a Hermann Tortoise and is 3-4 years old. He likes to sleep until about 10 even though the lights go on and off at 8Am and 8PM. Then I would say he maybe...
  17. Rocky219

    Tortoise slightly green urine in bath?

    One time maybe about a week ago my Tortoise passed greenish colored urine in a bath. Usually his poop is slightly greenish in the bath and was wondering if the urine was green because of the poop? I know that sounds confusing. I just took my Tortoise to the vet about a week ago and I think it...
  18. Rocky219

    Is this setup bad for a 3-4 year old Hermann Tortoise? (When it is warm outside I have a different enclosure)

    40-60% humidity. 75 in the cool end. 90-95 in the basking spot.
  19. Rocky219


    I have a Hermann Tortoise who is 3-4 years old and I read that he is probably too young too put in a fridge for brumation. Should I A let him brumate in his environment? Or B not let him brumate at all? I read that they have preparation and that you have to weigh them or something like that and...