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    Shell Rot?

    Hello everyone! I am a newer tortoise owner. I have a Russian tortoise and her shell is looking a little rough. Can I get your guys' opinions on her shell and what I can do to help her if something is wrong? I've attached pictures. Thank you all in advance!
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    Need to rehome my female Russian tortoise

    Good morning everyone! I recently got two Russian tortoises from a work friend who's family quit caring for them. I have one enclosure. Unfortunately I can only afford one tortoises needs at the moment. One is in the enclosure while the other is in a giant storage tote that's set up like an...
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    Is there something wrong with my Russian Tortoise?

    Good morning! Two days ago I got two Russian tortoises from a work friend. One seems fine, (very active, eating, pooping), while the other tortoise is not. She has an overgrown beak, will not eat or hardly move, she will only take a couple of steps then drop to the ground and wont move and lay...