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  1. MEEJogja

    Autoplaying TF sticky ad

    Would it be possible to not have this playing for logged in users? We know how great the forum is already ;) It takes up a third of my screen until I close it and has been appearing on every single thread the last couple of days. The close button also takes a little while to appear meaning it...
  2. MEEJogja

    Active times of day

    Hi all, I am new to this. I have had 3 previously severely neglected MEE's for only a couple of days, and they are not in their final enclosure yet, so we have not yet developed routines, and they are clearly still recovering from the stress of being moved and spending lots of time in transit...
  3. MEEJogja

    Thrown in the deep end

    Hi all, I know this is the introduction forum, but I'd like to put my situation out there and see if anyone has any advise for me. This has all happened very fast! Firstly I should say that a Brit living in Indonesia long term. I had both tortoises and terrapins as a kid and have long had a...