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  1. Texas Scott

    Proud new keeper 😀😄

    Today I was fortunate enough to purchase two Radiated babies from Jay Russo.
  2. Texas Scott

    Life after death - Preserve a shell

    Sadly, my Male Indian Star Tortoise Nostradamus, passed away unexpectedly yesterday. I was pretty upset and dumbfounded but I knew I wanted to preserve his shell. I posted on one of the local facebook groups asking for someone who could do this and was luckily enough to meet a man named Ryan...
  3. Texas Scott

    WANTED: Adult Male Russian / Adult Female Indian

    Looking for a adult male Russian or adult female Indian. Please post and PM. Thanks
  4. Texas Scott

    New enclosure

    Hey All - Just wanted to share my enclosure I just finished up. Its closed chambers. I created it for my 4 inch Indian Star. Im not really sure he needed a closed chambers at this size but at least it will help with efficiency. I also plan on getting a hatchling sometime soon. I have it setup...
  5. Texas Scott

    Closed Chambers - Lighting setup, Fire hazard concerns?

    Hey All - Im looking to create my first closed chambers enclosure for my Indian Star and was wondering about lighting setup. For starters the wooden "box" i was planning on using is 36" H X 24" W X 48" L . Ill being using an 22" HO T5 fixture with Arcadia bulb, along with Che on a thermostat...
  6. Texas Scott

    Got another tort..

    I've been wanting a star tortoise for awhile now and NARBC was in Arlington this past weekend. I currently own 4 Russians and it seems like the care for a Burmese is very similar. Hes about 4 inches long. There appearance is so fascinating!
  7. Texas Scott

    Dallas - Russian Adults - Craigslist Ad found.
  8. Texas Scott

    4/16-17 Dallas - Herps show

    Premier Event Center Lakeland Plaza 1165 S. Stemmons Freeway Lewisville, TX 75067 Exit 450, Business 121 and I-35 Saturday 10am – 5pm Sunday 10am – 4pm
  9. Texas Scott

    Received two big girls today!

    Hey all, I just wanted to share some pictures of two females I just picked up from a gentleman in SoCal. They are both at 7"+. One weighs in at 1010 grams and the other at 1100! Very lively females!
  10. Texas Scott

    Second outdoor enclosure..incoming RT's

    Hi All, So...I went from a 1.0 to 1.1 but I will shortly have 1.3 Russian Tortoises Below is my newest build for my Females. There will be some additional modification, like capping the corners and putting a board down the middle to split the new pair from my current female(quarantine) I...
  11. Texas Scott

    Completed my outdoor enclosure

    Hey all! I just wanted to share my outdoor enclosure that was completed this weekend. Its placed where a patio of bricks was falling apart. We dug them out and placed a 9x7 rectangle of cinderblocks then used the bricks as a trim/over hang. I used cypress mulch and organic topsoil with some...
  12. Texas Scott

    Critic my vet? (first visit)

    Hey Guys, After hunting around I found a vet who treats reptiles and seems to have a good reputation with exotic pets. I just wanted to give a quick run down of my experience and am wondering how up to date he is with his tortoise knowledge and treatment. Maybe some more experienced...
  13. Texas Scott

    New RT owner here!

    Hey guys - first I just wanted to say thank to all the info compiled on this website. I've learned a lot quickly in my four days of tort ownership I just wanted to share the enclosure I have created for my RT Athena, ive already made a post below. Please let me know if any improvements should...
  14. Texas Scott

    Well watcha think?

    Hey Guys! I just purchased my first Tortoise(Russian) 3 days ago. After buying all the crap the petstore sold me I quickly learned it was not the right setup. Ive built a 4x4 enclosure, I know a 4x8 is recommended but the boards wouldn't fit in my car, ill expand later. You will see two lamps...