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  1. phengx83

    Tank and Bowser

    Torts at it again. Today's menu is Mazuri, Hibiscus leaf and flower, Opuntia cactus, and grass cuttings. Ferocious eaters, nothing left. Maybe I should up there portion? any suggestions?.
  2. phengx83

    Cold out today

    Hi everyone. Here they are enjoying a nice soak before eating Mazuri ad spring mix indoors. Was able to get them out fro about 2 hours of natural sun light but its getting cold.
  3. phengx83


    Have not posted anything for awhile but here is some update on Tank and Bowser my Aldabra tortoises. Tank is used to us now. He is very friendly and able to hand feed just fine. Loves being rub. Bowser is coming along but occasionally still darts off and a little timid but better then before...
  4. phengx83

    New Tortoise and owner of an Aldabra

    Hi everyone. I am a new tortoise owner and Tank is my first tortoise. I could use any tips and expertise of anyone who has owned one. I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing right by Tank by the way I have him set up. I want the best for him so I am seeking advice from experience owners. So far I...
  5. phengx83

    New tortoise keeper

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and heard this was the best place to receive advice on anything tortoise wise. I am a new tortoise owner and this is my first tortoise. Any advice on anything that would make this tortoise life better here would be appreciated. So far I have been going off of what I...