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  1. Mizcreant

    Are hay stems dangerous for small sulcata's?

    How much and how often do you recommend plant-based protein? I get asked this question a lot from folks. Most argue they should have zero protein, but that's a whole other debate. lol
  2. Mizcreant

    TFO is different

    I'm using FireFox and everything appears fine. Not so much for Edge or Chrome though. Many of the controls are grayed out.
  3. Mizcreant


    We had pretty high winds here as well. I'm happy to report my greenhouse is still intact. lol 😁
  4. Mizcreant

    Michigan ISO

    It can be quite expensive for us northerners to get things set up just right for these guys. I've sunk about $4K into my outdoor enclosure so far and have a generator backup for emergencies (additional $500). Then I had to set up an "impenetrable" fence around his area to ensure he wouldn't...
  5. Mizcreant

    Please help confirm the sex of my tortoise!

    I'm thinking female. The tail and gulars certainly point that way. Also, I see no discernable curvature to the plastron which would be indicative to males. The rear scute on the carapace does not appear to arch inward (aids males in reproduction) either. Then again, it could all be a result of...
  6. Mizcreant

    Tortoise nose fell off

    Indeed it doesn't. Supposedly this keeper is taking it to a vet. Hoping she will provide an update afterwards. Breaks my heart seeing this.
  7. Mizcreant

    Tortoise nose fell off

    My thoughts exactly. Since tortoises rely heavily on their sense of smell, I was also wonder how that would be affected long term. Feel so sorry for that keeper and the tort. :(
  8. Mizcreant

    Tortoise nose fell off

    I saw this in one of the FB pages I follow. Anyone ever come across this before???
  9. Mizcreant

    What waterproof flooring to use in a heated enclosure?

    I use pond liner in mine. Very easy to take out, spray down, and put back in.
  10. Mizcreant

    Urates again and again

    Looks about how my biscuits usually turn out. I should show this to my wife so that I never have to make them again. lol
  11. Mizcreant

    Cuttle bones being passed!

    Are you certain it's bits of cuttlebone and not simply gritty urates? I could see how the two could be confused.
  12. Mizcreant

    Is my baby puffy?

    I won't say that this is the case with yours or not, but sometimes they can get water retention from kidney damage. A lot of babies are a bit puffy like that though.
  13. Mizcreant

    Is my tortoise enclosure big enough? - I've seen a tonne of conflicting information

    I only wish more folks would heed that advice. Oftentimes, folks will associate tortoise mannerisms with that of dogs and humans; hence thinking it is "cute". Those folks are seldom convinced.
  14. Mizcreant

    Hey Sulcata people

    Keep em comin'. I for one enjoy your posts!
  15. Mizcreant

    Utterly Surprised!

    Wow. I've been bitten by a copperhead and a water moccasin when I was a teenager. I grew up a navy brat, so was treated in a naval hospital (no bill). Had no idea treatment would be so munch!
  16. Mizcreant


    Can you post a pic of its living area (closet + room)? Do you keep lights on all night?
  17. Mizcreant

    Not again?

    Yikes! Poor thing :(
  18. Mizcreant

    Is this a tortoise?

    That's Jabba the Hutt IRL.
  19. Mizcreant


    Sulcatas are generally not ideal indoor pets. They get huge, first and foremost. They can be extremely destructive as well; pushing furniture around, tearing through drywall, etc. I even saw pics of one that uprooted someone's toilet. I understand you are in R.I. and it's very cold out now, but...