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    Soaking time!

    (not a huge fan of soaking time)
  2. The Tortoise Tree

    Drinking pee

    My tortoise just started drinking his pee... Is this normal or bad? Additional information: he (or she) is a 3-4 year old red foot.
  3. The Tortoise Tree

    What if...

    So, I use coconut coir and l go threw so much of it. I was just wondering if you could reuse it! And also, here is a poll. FINE PRINT: I know you can't reuse it. I was just thinking
  4. The Tortoise Tree

    does anyone know how old and or what type of turtle this is?

    So... I know nothing about turtles, My grandparents found it in there pool and I am just curious.
  5. The Tortoise Tree

    Fluorescent or bulb for tortoise uvb

    Just a strait forward question. What is better?
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    We have pesticides on are long that last 6 months, but we cut our grass very frequently. how long do I have to wait before letting my tortoise graze on it? (about)
  7. The Tortoise Tree

    Clamp lamps...

    I am doing research on tortoise enclosure and I have heard clamp lamps dont really... well... work. what would work as a good substitute?