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    Giant Tortoise Officially Named New Species

    Article on BBC says new species discovered. Eastern Santa Cruz tortoise Is officially a new species per genetic research. Exciting news.
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    How Fast is Your Tortoise?

    Guinness Record holder Bertie: As he basks in his new fame, Bertie spends his days noshing on strawberries with his lady love, Shelly. His Guinness World Records certificate hangs in a wall in his...
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    Single Greek Ibera ibera male seeking new home in Arizona-Southern California Area.

    I want to separate my two adult males. Gus is available for adoption. $150
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    Single Greek Ibera male Seeking Female in Arizona/So Cal Area

    Single Greek Ibera ibera male seeking new home in Arizona-Southern California Area. Preferably, where the ladies are. Gus, is a very handsome, friendly, and an outgoing guy. Over 5 years old, and actively trying to start a family. He like long walks in the early morning, afternoon, and...
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    No More Bulk Organic Greens

    I had my Greeks on a staple diet of Spring Mix until Friday when I ran out. I was feeding the 3 a single 1.5lb bag daily. Supplemented with various greens. Today I went to get 3 more cases and they told me that organic greens like that must be packaged. So now you can no longer help your self...
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    Henry and Alice - A Romeo/Juliet Love Story

    Henry was feelin' very amorous after his hibernation and really wanted to go to Alice's since he couldn't call or text her. He knocked over his heat lamp, met Alice, and they set the garage ablaze. :tort...
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    Zero Emissions Lawn Mower with a Shell

    Woman adopts 140 lb Sulcata to Mow Lawn Funny Tort stories in the news.
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    Split Upper Mandible

    I have a 3 year old that has a split between the beak and the next plate. Is this something that will heal on its own or can a vet fiberglass/crazy glue it? It's like a space between your teeth. She eats a lot so bmi worry about health. [hr]
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    Ziegler Tortoise Monster Diet

    Anyone having long term success with this diet supplement? As in, do your Torts even eat it? I'm looking for another emergency food for when I run out of greens. Ziegler Tortoise Monster Diet: $27 for 6- 14oz pringle cans.
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    Spring Mix Snobs

    My favorite organic store changed suppliers for their bulk spring mix and my torts barely touch it. They are back to eating from the container type pre-packed salads. They still love the bunches of greens. I guess that should tell us what not to eat.
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    Boxie With Inverted Rectum

    This morning I found my GF's 3Toed Russian Boxie having a bad morning. His rectum was inverted to the point of forming 2 tight bubbles and bleeding sometimes. Never saw this condition this bad. I took him home to keep an eye on him till we can get him to the vet tomorrow. Soaking for...
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    Mazuri Cheap

    I have about 10 pounds of mazuri tortoise diet left. It's maybe 6 months old and still smells fresh. I would part with it for $1 per pound plus a flat rate shipping price of $17 for 3lbs and above. 1-2 lbs is $7.00. I also have several different sized Fluker Farms Jacuzzi water dishes for $5...
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    Mulch News

    Today my LPS informed me that they will not stock Cypress mulch because Cypress is not a renewable source. It's on the list of trees that are irreplaceable and necessary to the survival of Louisiana Swamps. Zoomed forest floor was my favorite. How about that mulch from Lowz? What's the...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Kala Χριστούγεννα! Merry Christmas! Twas the day before Christmas and all through the desert, not a creature was stirring. It's cold let me sleep! It's a sunny 34F in the Sonoran Desert. Here's a pic of my 2 year olds hibernating in a 50 quart container. The third one is...
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    Too Young to Start

    Is this pre-adolescent behavior or bullying? They are barely 2. The larger sibling is pushing the little one into the wall than ramming, and now mounting. Warning: Explicit photo. Can the little one get hurt?
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    Juicing - Tortoise Diet for Humans

    You can tell a lot about about ones lifestyle by the foods in the fridge. Mine is full of greens and healthy stuff. You'd think I was on the George Atlas course. Where's the beef? Not. That healthy green stuff is for my kids. I get my salads on the burger at the brewery or a dish of...
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    Are Cherries ok for an occasional treat? What benefits do Cherries provide for Tortoises besides fiber? Picture below shows a handsome young Greek Ibera enjoying a cold Summer treat.
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    Mango for Mongo

    Not really the Torts name. Just a funny line. Here's a young ibera enjoying cold mango on a hot Summers day. Eating it like it was part of a super buffet. Hope you like.[hr]
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    Terrapins In Hollywood

    Terry Fator and Winston the Turtle
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    Tortoise Crack

    My coworker and I bought a 25lb bag of Mazuri. My Greeks really relished the new offerings and have ignored their greens. I mean it's as if they were eating fruit loops on a buzz, complete with perma-smile and glazed eyes. So I hear. When will they eat corn with molasses in the wild...