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  1. PA2019

    Egyptian Tortoise - Cloacal Prolapse?

    Any idea how much your male tortoise weighs?
  2. PA2019

    Multi Level Enclosures to increase sqft

    I built a large 8x3x2 pvc tank and then added a 2nd story 8x1 for more space. I find that my star tortoises use the 2nd level quite a bit and feel Russian tortoises would appreciate a 2nd level as well!’-x-3’-x-2’-two-story-xpvc-build.184725/
  3. PA2019

    Group Growth Over Time

    The temperatures in the tortoise room are lower (low 70's) for the past month and take longer to rise to the previously normal 76-78. The enclosure they are in mirrors this as well. The tank goes from a ambient low of 71 to a high of 82 (the ambient temperature they seem to be most active with)...
  4. PA2019

    Testudo graeca nabeulensis Growth

    New month, new growth chart. Cooler temps don't seem to bother these guys in terms of weight gain versus my Egyptians, rather interesting...
  5. PA2019

    Group Growth Over Time

    New month, not much growth, temps are still rather cool in the tortoise room.
  6. PA2019

    yearling elegans

    Off to meet their new owner, going to miss the little buggers.
  7. PA2019

    Geoemyda spengleri, worlds easiest hatchling setup?

    I've become totally hooked on these guys. I am planning on growing up a group of this awesome species when hatchlings become available later in the spring but am having trouble wrapping my head around how ridiculously simple their setups can be during their first year. Plastic container, 1/2"...
  8. PA2019

    Ship your reptiles.

    I use it as well and require pickup at Fedex hubs also. I’ve had several buyers annoyed by this, which I find strange since the small inconvenience can possibly save their animals life. Anyways, great company so far!
  9. PA2019

    Testudo graeca nabeulensis Growth

    New monthly update....
  10. PA2019

    Group Growth Over Time

    Monthly growth update....
  11. PA2019

    A few pictures of my egyptian tortoises

    Thank you very much for taking the time to explain your husbandry. The more we all share how we are raising this species the better! Keep the updates coming, would love to see how they turn out.
  12. PA2019

    A few pictures of my egyptian tortoises

    Excellent! When did these hatch?
  13. PA2019

    Group Growth Over Time

    Very minimal pyramiding so far, hoping it continues!
  14. PA2019

    Pics of Decorated/Planted Christmas Tree Storage Bins Please - Trying to Revamp

    Go to Michaels and buy fake plants. Young tortoises (and adults) appreciate being able to hide under greenery. Most of the plants there are very tough and nearly impossible for a small tortoise to chew on. I use the fake plants in both my hatchling and adult enclosures with zero issues.
  15. PA2019

    Advice from members that have PVC enclosures

    I have made multiple enclosures with the white PVC sheets from Home Depot. I bought a track saw to make accurate cuts and attached a shop vac to the outlet to suck up the dust, worked really well.’-x-3’-x-2’-two-story-xpvc-build.184725/
  16. PA2019

    Testudo graeca nabeulensis Growth

    Next monthly update. Temperatures are decreasing in the tortoise room with the colder weather and the Greeks have been less active.
  17. PA2019

    Hydroponics Specialist?

    I was planning on going the generic route initially but as @Yossarian mentioned, I decided to spend most of my budget on the lights themselves. I ended up alternating "Sun White" and "Bright White" LED bars in my setup to get a better mix of the color range.
  18. PA2019

    Hydroponics Specialist?

    I use LEDs as well. Way less heat, more output per wattage in a smaller area. I use these exclusively, fantastic product and great customer service.
  19. PA2019

    Hydroponics Specialist?

    Not a hydroponic specialist by any means, but I have started experimenting with hydroponics over the past few months as well. I use the Kratky method because I was intimidated initially with all the options and wanted to gain experience before building a larger aeroponic system. I grow 10-12...
  20. PA2019

    Captive Maintenance of the Radiated Tortoise

    This is amazing! Thank you for taking the huge amount of time to construct this guide. So much useful information!