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  1. Taylorlynn48

    For the experts to see. Helping a FB member

    Any ideas on what this could be for this poor tort? Sounds rather unusual. Trying to help out a member on facebook who is apart of the same group as me. Similar to this forum.
  2. Taylorlynn48

    Western Hermann Diet

    I have generated a food list for my western- add or comment if you agree/disagree with the list. Or what you believe to only be in moderation. Watercress Leafy Lettuce Dandelion Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Parsley Bell Pepper Kale Clover Corriander Parsnip Broccoli Grasses & Weeds
  3. Taylorlynn48

    Temp/humidity digital gauge home depot

    Hello All, I will be posting more than usual to get ready for my new baby to come in June. What is a good humidity/ temp for a well started hatchling? He is going to ba Western Hermann Tortoise. I am trying to get the most accurate temps for my baby. Anyone experienced in Hermann’s please...
  4. Taylorlynn48

    Western Hermann hatchlings Chris Leone

    Greetings all! I am looking forward to my male hatchling on the way. If you are looking for a hermann’s Chris Leone is the person to order from. He was great throughout the entire process and goes beyond with care instructions and all you need to know. You can find him on youtube as well. He has...
  5. Taylorlynn48

    Santa Barbra mix Western hermans?

    Hello, everyone. Does anybody know if Western Hermann's can have Santa Barbra mix which consists of escarole,endive,radicchio,scarole? What's a good diet plan for Western Hermann's?
  6. Taylorlynn48

    Western Hermann's hatchling (Lighting)

    Hello everyone, Question 1- I soon will be granted a new tortoise a Western Hermann's and would like to know what range of UVB would be sufficient enough for a hatchling? is 5.0 okay or too low? is 10.00 okay or too much? Question 2- What seems to be the best basking wattage for baby Hermanns...
  7. Taylorlynn48

    Well started hatchling Western Hermans

    Where can I get a well started Western Hermanns hatchling? Is anybody selling any? Message me if so. Looking for a Male hatchling.
  8. Taylorlynn48

    Onion grass safe? For RT

    hello all, we have onion grass growing outside. Can Greeks eat onion grass?
  9. Taylorlynn48

    If this isn’t adorable....

    I don’t know what is!!
  10. Taylorlynn48


    My Russian is so picky/fussy he is so spoiled and will only eat his Santa Barbra mix. I tried mixing it up with romaine, collard greens, kale, mustard greens and breaking it up into small pieces and he outsmarts me and tells me who's boss by rejecting half, or most of it!! >__< Tanks dad had...
  11. Taylorlynn48

    Squeaky clean 🧽

    My beautiful Russian is learning to enjoy his soaks :) He will sit still for 20 minutes in his bath like a good boy! Then when I put him back in his enclosure he gets full energy and gets all his exercising in around the tank.
  12. Taylorlynn48


    Hello all, Are air plants safe to put in tortoise enclosure? Specifically for Russian tortoises.
  13. Taylorlynn48

    So upsetting :(

    This is so sad. I come to this local pets plus, and this red foot has not moved from this spot in weeks. Now his eyes are starting to water, and he looks severely dehydrated. There is no humidity in here for this species. His shell health doesn’t look too good either. Wish I could save him.
  14. Taylorlynn48


    Can two different types of tortoise crossbreed to form a mixed tort instead of breeding two of the same? Curious if you can get a leapord tortoise mixed with a greek 😂 or, vice versa per different tortoise types. I have been thinking about this... the answer is probably no. But why not make it...
  15. Taylorlynn48

    Is this normal?

    It is normal for my russian tortoise to have white creases in the eye? Im assuming it’s like the eye socket. As tank moves his eye you can see white. Or should his entire eye be black when he moves it? I’m not sure if the bottom corner of his eye is supposed to be completely black or if it’s...
  16. Taylorlynn48


    Greetings.... I am curious as to what is the best way to adapt two tortoises into your home. I am not so much worried about space, that in which I have but electric... Do you run your bulbs through one extension cord? OR do you space out your enclosures? I know adding another tortoise is going...
  17. Taylorlynn48

    Morning routine

    Tanks routine every morning. Wake up. Eat. Gets back in basking spot and look at picture of mommy and daddy
  18. Taylorlynn48

    Precious 🥰🥰

    Tank in his deep sleep. Sleeping next to his parents.
  19. Taylorlynn48

    Spoiled !!!!! 🥗🥙

    I food prep for my Russian. All his food is from produce junction. Fresh! collard greens Mustard greens Kale Cactus pads :tort::<3::tort::tort:
  20. Taylorlynn48

    Post your Russians!

    this is my curious george!