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  1. Mizcreant

    Tortoise nose fell off

    I saw this in one of the FB pages I follow. Anyone ever come across this before???
  2. Mizcreant

    How cool would this be to convert into an enclosure?

    Caught this in the Free section of my local Craigslist. Wish I had a use for it. lol
  3. Mizcreant

    Best place to buy Repashy?

    Anyone know the best and least expensive to purchase Repashy Grassland Grazer? I'm looking for the 4.4 lb. jar. Prices seem to be around $95 at most places I've seen. TIA
  4. Mizcreant

    Ghost's vet appointment

    Took Ghost to the vet yesterday for his yearly checkup. They gave him vitamin and calcium injections (vet said they do that for all their Sulcata patients), and also did a fecal exam. They noticed pinworms and prescribed Panacur to be administered once every 2 weeks for 8 weeks. What is the best...
  5. Mizcreant

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Ghost!

    The pond / waterfall was his birthday gift. Nowhere near done with it yet, but he seems to be enjoying it nonetheless.
  6. Mizcreant

    M or F

    Ghost turns 3 next month and is a tad over 14". I'm really torn over whether it's a male or female. To me, the anal scutes could go either way. The plastron does have a slight, but noticeable, "concave-ness" to it. The tail seems a bit long to me to be a female. What do y'all think?
  7. Mizcreant

    New Greenhouse

    Just finished this thing over the weekend. Planning to grow fresh food for Ghost. Already have some hosta started, and am trying my luck at propagating rose of sharon. Archer was present for final inspection. lol
  8. Mizcreant

    Ghost's new castle

    Still a work in progress, but it's finally functional.
  9. Mizcreant

    How much does it cost to raise a healthy sulcata?

    I was pondering this question earlier today. Set aside the price you paid for your tort. How much would you say it takes on average to raise a sulcata (properly) from baby to say 5 years old? I'd be curious as to what kind of figures folks would post! My reason for asking is that I was...
  10. Mizcreant

    Need opinions on insulated door

    I was perusing Amazon and cam across this insulated door curtain. Anyone have an opinion on these? I am considering using them on my outside enclosure in lieu of the vinyl curtain strips I originally planned to use.
  11. Mizcreant

    Ghost attacked by dog

    Ghost was attacked by a stray dog yesterday out in my yard. I was standing maybe 6 feet or so away from him while he grazed. Dog came out of nowhere, made a B-line towards Ghost, picked him up, and carried him about 60 feet. Medium size dog, not sure what breed. When I finally caught up with...
  12. Mizcreant

    Injured baby snapper

    I found this snapping turtle on the sidewalk outside of my office. It appears that it might have been carried by a bird, then dropped. I picked it up and placed it in a shallow dish of water. It is moving around and breathing regularly. There is a deep injury to its back left leg that concerns...
  13. Mizcreant

    Ghost turned 2 today!

    Happy Birthday Ghost! 84 gram runt: 6 pounds of pure terror: Sneak preview of new outdoor enclosure (not yet finished):
  14. Mizcreant

    Ghost vs spider web

  15. Mizcreant

    Burrowing question

    How likely would it be for a tortoise to try burrowing through 4+ inches of 1" - 2" river rock? I have one section outdoors that I would like to keep a bit more decorative.
  16. Mizcreant

    How to introduce Ghost to new outdoor enclosure

    Ghost is fast approaching the size where I feel comfortable leaving him outside during the day. Enclosure is 95% complete (pics soon to follow). How should I introduce him to his new home? All at once or slowly over time? Thanks in advance!
  17. Mizcreant

    Ghost mowing my grass

    Nice warm day today. Ghost decided to help me with some yard work.
  18. Mizcreant

    T8 / fixture question

    We've all been instructed at some point on this forum not to place any obstructions (glass, screen, etc.) between the UVB source and the enclosure due to the UVB being filtered out by such obstructions. So I have a T8 setup similar to the one pictured below, and it donned on me that there is a...
  19. Mizcreant

    Concern over Ghost's weight

    Based on the tBMI formula (tBMI= cWTcm/tWTgr), I'm a little concerned with Ghost's weight and am looking for suggestions. His current diet consists of a variety/combination of greens including weeds, dandelion greens, bok choy, turnip and mustard greens, and escarole. I will throw in maybe 8-10...