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  1. Kadaan

    My new Three-Striped Mud Turtles

    After almost a year of trying to decide between the different muds and musks and going to two reptile shows fully intending to purchase one but no sellers had any, I ordered two three-striped mud turtle hatchlings from Robert and Trish. They got here Thursday morning and after letting the rest...
  2. Kadaan

    Improper Housing

    I didn't know where this belonged, or even if it's appropriate for the forum in general, but I just wanted to rant a bit. I was looking through craigslist ads today, and found one of someone who's looking to get rid of 2 baby RES: The...
  3. Kadaan

    Box Turtle Hatching Enclosure (take 2!)

    I walked around Lowes this weekend, and found a big tray of "Irish Moss" in their ground cover section. The care sheet said shade/morning sun only so I figured that was perfect for a terrarium. I put down a layer of organic potting soil, and covered that with the moss. I also took the little...
  4. Kadaan

    Vivariums for Tortoises

    EJ mentioned in another thread that vivariums are vehemently discouraged on the UK reptile forum as habitats for tortoises. Provided you can keep the vivarium at the proper temperatures with a heat gradient, basking spot, adequate humidity, and ventilation so the air doesn't get stale, what's...
  5. Kadaan

    Aldabra and Galapagos Genera

    I just noticed that even though Aldabra and Galapagos tortoises seem very similar, they're actually in two different genera (dipsochelys and geochelone.) What differences made Aldabras and other Seychelle giant tortoises into their own genus? I haven't found any detailed articles, but it...
  6. Kadaan

    My New Eastern Box Turtle

    This is the little guy who came home with me from the Herp World Expo this past weekend. Haven't decided on a name for him yet.
  7. Kadaan

    Herp World Expo Pasadena 2009 Photos

    I spent a few hours today at the Herp World Expo in Pasadena. There weren't nearly as many torts as the Anaheim NARBC. Tyler from BlueBeast Reptile was there, LLLReptile had a decent-sized selection, and a few other vendors had a small selection as well. Full album here...
  8. Kadaan

    Russian Turtle - Balboa Island, CA (Orange County)

    Found this on craigslist this morning, the photos break my heart :(
  9. Kadaan

    Ikea Bookshelf Enclosure

    I've noticed my greek pacing back and forth along the front wall of his enclosure trying to walk up the side there, and being a very adept climber reaching close to the top of the 6.5" high walls where the plants are. I decided to make a different enclosure with the following goals: -...
  10. Kadaan

    Sherman's Photo Thread

    Sherman is usually sleeping when I put the food in and head to work, and he's usually asleep again when I get home around 6 or 7 so I don't get to watch him eat very often. Being Saturday, I got to watch him munch on his food (and take plenty of photos, of course!) I normally don't give...
  11. Kadaan

    Tortoise (Coffee) Table

    Found this searching around flickr for photos of tortoises: Looks like there's screening for the 4 sides so the glass doesn't keep it too hot and humid. You can see a fluorescent tube and a CHE in the top left corner. Not sure what kinds of substrates he's using, the white stuff in the...
  12. Kadaan

    Bed time photos

    Trying to find a comfortable spot. How about over here? Perfect!
  13. Kadaan

    Temperature Measurements with an Analog Thermometer

    I have one of these thermometers that I picked up at PetCo: My problem is that I'm not sure of how to properly use it to take measurements. - When I place it flat on the ground under the lamp, face up, it reads 100F - When I place it flat on the ground under the lamp, face down, it reads...
  14. Kadaan

    Belated Introduction

    I've been around for about a week now, and have asked many questions but haven't yet introduced myself, so here we go! My name is David, 28, and have been living in Irvine, CA since Jan '08. I grew up in Hawaii where 'exotic' pet choices are quite limited. I graduated from college in '06 and...
  15. Kadaan

    NARBC 2009 Photos (PHOTO HEAVY)

    I uploaded almost 150 photos, so instead of posting ALL of them here I'll just post some of my favorites. You can view the full set here: [hr] [hr]
  16. Kadaan


    One of the things I've been getting the most varied advice on is what substrate to use for my future Greek hatchling. It seems the common recommendations are: - Coco fiber, not bark/husk (with 0-50% play sand mixed in for weight/traction) - Aspen - Organic mulches (orchid bark, cypress...
  17. Kadaan

    Pancakes and Galapagos? (National Zoo)

    I was going through some photos from last year when I visited the National Zoo in DC and found a few tortoise photos :D. I think the first one is a pair of pancake torts, and the second is either a Galapagos or Aldabra.
  18. Kadaan

    First Enclosure

    I have no tortoise yet, but have contacted a breeder who said I can come by and pick out a Ibera Greek Tortoise hatchling when I'm ready :D :D :D :D I've been reading up a lot about enclosures (this forum rocks, btw) and this thread will be my start to finish journal/blog/whatever of the...