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  1. Herman_WA

    Tortoise burrowing and sleeping all day

    Hello fellow tortoise owners, My adult Hermanns tortoise burrows and sleeps all day. This started in December of 2020, shortly after we moved his enclosure to a different room and changed the brand of bedding. He has always been very active, but startled at the slightest little thing. (He...
  2. Herman_WA

    Recently moved my Hermann's tort to the basement and he is not acting right

    Towards the end of December, we had to move my adult Hermann's tortoise to the basement because the humidity was too much for my bedroom walls, and we couldn't keep it up. So we moved him down (the walls are cement and humidity is higher down there) where it is 55°F. His highest Temp is 87°F and...
  3. Herman_WA

    Want to know what all is involved in getting a leopard tortoise

    Hey, in a few years, I am looking to possibly adopt a young leopard tortoise. I think they are just a beautiful spieces of tortoise. I figured if I ever hoped to get one I better start my recerch now.. I have heard they are very likely to getting respatory infections, MBD, and shell rot. Is this...
  4. Herman_WA

    Could my Hermann live in an outdoor enclosure?

    I was wondering if my adult Hermann could live in an heated outdoor enclosure. Me and my dad are planning on building one for him in the spring. I have heard that bigger torts end up outside, but have never heard of smaller torts. I live in Washington state so it does get pretty cold in...
  5. Herman_WA

    My tortoise is sleeping all day... Should I be concerned?

    I have an adult Hermann's and about a week ago, he has been sleeping and burrowing almost all day. He only gets up to eat. Haven't seen him drink. But then again I never happen to see him drink. His temps are good according to what I have seen on this forum, and so is humidity. Right now his...
  6. Herman_WA

    Are these tortoise pellets ok?

    Merry Christmas all! I got this large amount of tortoise food for Christmas and I'm not sure if he can have it. It says it's got lots of fiber and protein. I always heard this was bad got torts? By the way I have a hermann's tortoise.
  7. Herman_WA

    Last year on this day...

    Well, last year on this day, I got my little buddy Herman as an early Christmas present. When I first got him I didn’t take the best care of him, hardly changed his water, lived off of romane lettuce, he even got lost outside for a few hours... But I'm happy to say that this website has...
  8. Herman_WA

    What are the correct temps for an adult Hermanns tort?

    We recently moved my tort down to our basement where its a little bit cooler and have been having a bit harder time keeping up the temps. Its now from 85°f in hot spot and 65°f in cooler spot. Is this too cold? Thd reason we moved him down there is because the humidity is 95% in our basement...
  9. Herman_WA

    Can't keep humidity up and tort is starting to pyramid.

    Ever since I got this new heat bulb (shown below) it has been a HUGE struggle to keep the humidity up in his enclosure. I have just noticed that he is starting to pyramid too. I have tried pouring water on his substrate, spraying water on his substrate, and soaking weekly. Nothing is boosting...
  10. Herman_WA

    Can my tort eat cactus pads with spines?

    I went to a grocery store and found that they had cactus pads, but they had spines. I have heard that torts love them and was just about to buy some, can he still eat them if I took the spines off? Sorry, it didn't even cross my mind to take pics until later, but they were just little spikes.
  11. Herman_WA

    Should I be concerned? Posable shell rot?

    Don't know if I should be concerned about this or not. Looks like possible shell rot??? Or it could just be his shell is a little banged up???? Should I be worried about the small dents? Any replies are appreciated!
  12. Herman_WA

    Why is a heat pad harmful?

    I have a heat pad that is under my torts hide. It is my main source of heat for night, because it gets cold where I live at night, and don't want to keep a lamp on all night. Anyway, I would LOVE multiple reasons why it is harmful. Thanks!
  13. Herman_WA

    Can I use sawdust or gound walnut?

    I have heard sawdust is not good for bedding and could be harmful. If so how is it harmful? I'm also wondering about ground walnuts???
  14. Herman_WA

    How big will my hermann get?

    Hello! How big will my hermanns tortoise grow to be? Right now he is about 6 inches, and I have no clue about his age. Will he get any bigger than what he is now?
  15. Herman_WA

    Why does my Tort climb the walls of his enclosure?

    Ever since I got him he has been trying to climb the walls of his enclosure and usually ends up on his back. I have done a bit if research and what I have found is that he is just bored. Is this true? If so how can I stop it? If being bored is not the case, please give me some advice on how to...
  16. Herman_WA

    Should I take my tort to the vet?

    I have heard some people take there torts to the vet just for a check up. Should I be doing this too? If so, would it have to be a special vet he would have to go to?
  17. Herman_WA

    Meet Herman!

    Hello everyone! I own a Hermanns tortious named Herman. (Great name, right?) I just joined this site, and am hoping to learn to care better for my little buddy so he can have a long and happy life. :tort: I received Herman on December 21 of 2019 as an early Christmas present and have loved him...