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    Grand Debut

    Jellybean makes Grand Debut today (9/20) after playing Peek-a-Boo on (9/16).
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    Been-a-boo I see you! Starting to pip on 9/16 and is remains indecisive to face the world right now.
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    Meet Teeny Mo

    Teeny Mo makes his debut after five days from pipping thinking about facing the brave new world.
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    Come on out little one, all will be all right😊
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    Egyptian Hatchlings

    I have two remaining Egyptian hatchlings available. Growing beautifully and are 2.5 months old representing two bloodlines. Temperature are now cooling and am ready to ship. They are $750 each plus shipping. I am unable to post pics. here. Any questions please PM.
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    Egyptian hatchlings

    These little rascals are growing at a good clip at nearly 2 months old. Such sweet demeanors to match their small size even in adulthood. Some will be available for rehoming soon and weather permitting. [email protected]
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    Egyptian hatchlings

    These little rascals represent three bloodlines from my breeding group. Currently, there are two available at 2 months of age ( 4 in pic. have sold). Each tortoise: $750. Due to extreme heat I am not shipping at this time. I will be attending the reptile show in Pomona, CA on 8/10 and can...
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    CB 2018 Egyptian Tortoises

    CB Egyptian Hatchlings 2-2.5 month olds. Very robust and growing at a good clip on various weeds, and occasional Mazuri ( original formula). Have two available at this time with more hatching. For some reason I cannot upload pics. on here. The two picture are from Dan Wolfe's line. Asking $600...
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    Father's Day Surprise!

    Came home this evening after a nice Father's Day with dad and to my surprise opened the incubator to find this little Western Herman's coming into the world!
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    CB 2016 Chinese Box Turtles

    Have 5 month old Flavos hatched from my LTC group of 16 years ( probably the last of the legal shipment). Beautiful perfect shell growth. They recognize the hand that feeds and come to be feed. I am not able to post pics. here. Pls. PM for questions/pics. $325 ea. ( 3 available). Sorry no...
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    Mickey Then and Now

    Mickey presents to the world 3/10/16. Forward nine months later.
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    Little Egyptian Family

    M&M (left) sharing a meal of chard and ZooMed Grassland fiber pellets with Rubia. M&M 's mom is pictured below. Love these guys!]
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    CB Chinese Box Turtles/C.flavomarginata

    4 month old robust C.flavos from my LTC group that were imported in 2000( probably the last of the legal imports). These have a rich mahogony plastral coloration and are already displaying the plastral "dome". They are little clowns and very inquisitive. 3 left @ $300 ea. Sorry no trades. Pick...
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    CB 2016 Three- toed Box Turtles

    I have a few 2016 Three- toed boxies available. Feasting on moistened trout chow/Reptomin, chopped earthworms and fruit. These are 2 month old and ready for new homes. Asking $45 ea. Local sales only / San Fernando Valley. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
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    CB Three-Toed Box Turtles

    Ready for new homes. Available 2 month old three- toed hatchlings. Feasting on chopped worms, papaya, strawberries and moistened trout chow. Asking $45ea.( 5 available). Local pick- up/ San Fernando Valley. Any questions, please PM.
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    CB Chinese Box Turtles ( Cuora flavomarginata)

    CB 2 month old flavos from my adult group I acquired as legal imports in 2000 ( I believe those may have been the last of the group to come into the country). Being raised in an aquatic set-up for smooth shell growth. Feasting on moistened trout chow, reptomin, worms, occasional fruit. Asking...
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    CB Juvenile Elongated Tortoises

    8 month old Elongated tortoises produced by my captive born adults. Perfect, smooth shell growth with doming of carapace. No extra/split scutes. Not shy like wild caught counterparts. Truly a underrated specie. $100 ea. Plus shipping. Pick up welcome (Near Los Angeles). Any questions please PM.
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    CB 5 month old Elongated's

    Have 4 left from 2 bloodlines. Perfect/smooth shell growth. Are already displaying plastron doming. $100 ea. Due to heat not shipping at this time. Local pickup in San Fernando Valley, Calif. Any questions, please PM me.
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    CB Elongated Tortoises

    3 month old adorably sweet Elongated's. Growing nicely, hardened shells, heavy little tanks. Being raised in a humid, warm environment. $125 ea. Shipping available or local pickup. S.Calif. Any questions please PM.
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    CB American Box Turtles

    Thinning out my box turtle offspring. Adults not for sale. Available 3-4 year olds. Perfect shell growth, inquisitive youngsters. Three-toed x Eastern - 2 available. $70 ea. Three toed - 2 available. $ 75 ea. Prefer not to ship. Locale sales priority. I am in S. Calif./ San Fernando Valley...