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  1. mike taylor

    African sideneck turtles

    Sidenecks are freaking awesome ! Some pictures for your enjoyment . Box turtles are freaking funny little guys . If you don't have one you should . But don't take from the wild .
  2. mike taylor

    Doubling down!

    Two females laying at one time amazing stuff !
  3. mike taylor


    Has anyone came up with a care sheet ? Photos of them when I bought them today. Looks to be two males to one female . I have them setup much like a leopard tortiose . But I dropped the temperature to 85 ,80 ,75ish . I'm getting 75 at the water bowl . I haven't checked night time lows yet as...
  4. mike taylor

    Easy red foot enclosure .

    This is how I do it . This small setup will keep a few hatchlings for the first year or so . I paid a little over one hundred dollars for everything . One t5 5.0 uvb/ uva fixture. One ceramic Dome fixture. One thermostat. One timer. Two terracotta bowls. One hide. One digital thermometer. One...
  5. mike taylor

    Red foot babies .

    Would you look at the size difference of them ?
  6. mike taylor

    New app

    Why is the media sharing turned off ! Really makes it hard to post with it off . Is it something in my app turned off or in the administration side ?
  7. mike taylor

    Caught my large female at the water hole .

    This is clover my very first red foot . She loves her pond.
  8. mike taylor

    Mods we have a problem .

    Kevin updated the app on the I phone . Said the forum app says administration's need to update.
  9. mike taylor

    Night box for red footed tortoises.

    This is what I built for my reds. Just a box . Painted the inside with flex seal . Drys fast no smell when finished drying. Wired it in with a thermostat controlling a receptacle. Plugged two heaters in set at two different temperatures on their built in rheostats . This way when the thrmostst...
  10. mike taylor

    Pond going in for the reds.

    Been too hot ! Gotta give them a place to cool off . Just poured the first batch of concrete.
  11. mike taylor

    Has anyone tried this

    Was reading on another red foot page .They claim this can heal a abscess in tortoises ears . If you have any information on this I'd gladly like the hear about it .
  12. mike taylor

    It's someone very specials Birthday

    Happy Birthday Yvonne G. This place wouldn't be anything without you . Hopefully your house will be over ran with family and friends .
  13. mike taylor

    My new red footed tortoise.

    Today I came home aggravated from work . So I go to the tortoise pens and do some winter work . You know check heaters and what not . Then just as I was going to crawl into my red footed tortoises winter home I found this . A baby red footed tortoise. How freaking awesome is that !
  14. mike taylor

    If you could only have one animal as a pet .What would it be and why?

    Let's see where this takes us . My animal would be a Red footed tortoise. They always make me smile even when I'm having a really bad day.
  15. mike taylor

    Helping the world

    I'm interested in what you guys think on this matter. Let's see what you think .
  16. mike taylor

    My reds finally outside !

    They're finally outside and happy .
  17. mike taylor

    Have you been into the berries ?

    Nope sure haven't !
  18. mike taylor

    Mouth problems with hatchlings

    Has anyone ever seen a hatchling with a mouth that can't open on its own ? A person I know has one that tries to eat but can't open its mouth . So if you can give me some insight I'll pass it on thanks . Here is a picture of the little guys mouth .
  19. mike taylor

    Look who is out today !

    Merle and Pearl the box turtles .
  20. mike taylor

    The newest family members to my red foot clan.

    This brings my count up to seven reds . That's six females to one male .