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  1. kathyth

    Help Sexing 2 Redfoots Please

    My guess is the upper is a male and the lower is female. Your thoughts?
  2. kathyth

    Red Cheeked Mud Turtle

    Im selling a 6 year old male, Red Cheeked Mud Turtle. I would love this to be a local sale, but will ship. $100.00
  3. kathyth

    Adult California Desert Tortoises Need Homes

    CTTC Chino has adult Desert Tortoises that need homes. If you're interested in adopting one, please call Lynda at 909-627-0424 or email at: [email protected] Thanks Kathy
  4. kathyth

    Tom is Speaking in Chino tonight

    Our very own Tom, is speaking at CTTC Chino tonight. The meeting starts at 7:30 and will obviously be quite informative. The meeting is held at the Girl Scout House in Chino.
  5. kathyth


    . I thought this slow motion video of my young parrot flying, was cool and needed to share it. She is 14 months old, was fledged as a baby and clipped. She has two more flight feathers to molt. Allowing her to fly, in the house is a joy. Had to do a lot of rearranging with the house, for her...
  6. kathyth

    Orange County Tortoise Show

    Is happening today at the La Habra Community Center 101 Wesr La Habra Bl We're here until 3. @BeeBee*BeeLeaves I have a Texas Tortoise that needs a home. I'm hoping you can have your Texas!! My cell 818 416-9356
  7. kathyth

    Showcase Cage 60x24x24

    have a showcase cage and stand that we used for young Redfoots. It is fantastic for anything, especially reptiles that require heat and humidity. 3 years ago, we paid 1200 for the cage and stand. This would be excellent for a breeder. Please go to to get good info. Selling...
  8. kathyth

    Waterland Tub 72x32x14 "

    Selling this after barely using it in two years. I will attach a picture from the company and mine. There are many uses for these. [email protected] Will sell for $140.00.
  9. kathyth

    Someone Stole One Of Our Tortoises

    i haven't been able to post this for over a week. One of out desert tortoises was stolen from her yard, on the 18th. Her personal yard, is on the side of the house, and at certain times, it would be possible for someone on the property to see her. Her enclosure is surrounded by wall. There...
  10. kathyth

    Zoo Med Tortoise Houses

    i have 2 Zoo Med Tortoise Houses, in excellent condition. Selling each for $50.00. I live in Walnut, CA., which is in L.A. County, next to O.C., Riberside and San Bernardino counties. You can email me at: [email protected] In the photo below, the two houses are attached. Kathy
  11. kathyth

    Spring Tortoise Pictures

    Thought I would share some pictures of most of our tortoises. I'm happy that the desert tortoises woke up healthy and hungry. This morning the Redfoots enjoyed their protien, mango and calcium powder.
  12. kathyth

    California Desert Tortoises.

    California Turtle and Tortoise Club in Chino, has adults juvenile and hatchlings to approved homes. Contact them or let me know if interested. Thanks. Kathy
  13. kathyth

    Baby Northern Redfoot forAdoption

    A local CTTC has a ? 6 month old Northern Redfoot for adoption. This baby was found. Let me know if you are in California and have the appropriate setup for a Redfoot. I will do the home check. Thanks Kathy
  14. kathyth

    New Baby Parrot

    after waiting for her to hatch, fledge and wean ( 5 months) , we have our African Grey. She's a perfect baby. She came via United " pet safe" one week ago. Did very well on the plane. Her name is Grace.
  15. kathyth

    2 California Desert Tortoises for Adoption

    In helping CTTC Chino, I have two baby Desert Tortoises for adoption, to approved homes. I have a hatchling and a 1 year old. Please email me if you have an appropriate home for one. Thank you! [email protected]
  16. kathyth

    Tortoises For Adoption

    CTTC Chino has 10 Desert Tortoises up for adoption, from hatchlings to juveniles and adults. They also have Russians and Box Turtles. You must print out an application from their website and mail it in. Home checks will be done. Thank you!
  17. kathyth

    CDT 85+ Years Old

    A man came to the CTTC Chino last night. He has a CDT that has been the n his family for 70 years. When his great aunt found it, the tortoise looked like it does today. The tortoise is a smaller female. Will be adopted to an approved home only. I will initially screen and refer potential...
  18. kathyth

    CTTC Orange County Show, Sunday

  19. kathyth

    California Desert Tortoise For Adoption

    I am assisting CTTC Chino in the adoption of a 9 year old female tortoise. For some reason I do not have an option to post a picture. She has been owned since she hatched, by the same person and is healthy. She will be adopted to an approved home. Please feel free to PM me or email [email protected]
  20. kathyth


    I will attempt to post pictures in some type of order. My wonderful husband did the work. I was the advisor :), using information that I've learned from this forum. It will house 5 Redfoots. Sizes 5 in. to 7 in. They will have complete access to their big outdoor enclosure that is covered in...