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  1. Abdulla6169

    Metro Reptile Expo White Plains 2020?

    Was wondering if anyone was going to the Reptile Expo @ White Plains, NY on Feb 9, 2020... from 9 AM to 4 PM??? Is it a good expo and worth the drive? Any TFO members going? Comment down below as I'm unsure if it would be worthwhile ~ Here's a link to the expo...
  2. Abdulla6169

    Honey’s Journey

    :<3: Honey’s Journey :<3: Enclosure: The enclosure is currently a terrarium turned into a closed chamber. It is about 4 by 2 feet. There is a humid hide in the “cool” part of the chamber. On the “warm” side, there’s a soaking dish and a basking stone. In this part of the chamber, there is...
  3. Abdulla6169

    hi from Dubai

    hi hi hi all the wayyyyy from Dubai!!! What’s up :) I was a previous member, but lost access to email and username and passwords... it’s also been a while, buttttt I got a new tort (a Sulcata) recently. Thought I’d reintroduce mahself and mah new tort he says hi and his name is undecided as of...
  4. Abdulla6169

    LGBTQ Members?

    Hey guys! I came out to all of you recently, but I was wondering if there are any Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, or Queer (or Questioning) members on the forum.... I know there are a few members here that part of the LGBTQ community, but I was just wondering because maybe we could chat. Anyways...
  5. Abdulla6169


    Hi everyone! I love you all so much.... You guys are the best! You've done so much for me and my beloved tort, Eben. I've learned more about myself in the past few months than I have in my entire life. Frankly, I love who I am now. This forum has changed my life in so many way, it made me a lot...
  6. Abdulla6169

    My post is missing:

    One of my posts on the "Jokes" thread is gone. I have not been informed why it is gone (may be an error on my side?). Furthermore, I would like to add that is had not mentioned: -politics -religion -racism I don't know why I can't see it on my phone. By writing this, I have no intent on...
  7. Abdulla6169

    Weed ID?

    Nightshade? :)
  8. Abdulla6169

    Madeline the Bunny

    Here's Madeline: Madeline is @puffy137's pet bunny. She's just the cutest little thing.
  9. Abdulla6169

    Info on Prockly Pear I found helpful...

    I found these two articles browsing the web: I thought they were helpful, so I thought I'd share them with you...
  10. Abdulla6169

    Grape vines covering enclosure?

    I am thinking of getting a grape vine to cover the top of the tortoise enclosure, so would this be bad for my tortoise? Would this lead to some issues? I think he won't have much of a basking spot, but this will provide good shade in the summer... Thanks :D
  11. Abdulla6169

    Roselle Hibiscus?

    Is Roselle Hibiscus safe for tortoises to eat? I'm taking about this plant:
  12. Abdulla6169

    More weed to ID

    What GC (Garden Compass) says: This looks like Common Purslane. It bears tiny yellow flowers with plump oval foliage. Control by pulling out before it goes to seed if it spreads into places you do not want it. A lovely plant when contained to a pot. Our apologies but we cannot identify the...
  13. Abdulla6169


    Is this dandelion: If it is, I am a very lucky person! :D It hasn't gone to flower, but it hope it does soon... Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  14. Abdulla6169

    Indian Jasmine?

    Is indian jasmine safe? Heres are some pictures: Thanks :D
  15. Abdulla6169

    Blended pumpkin seeds

    Would I be able to use blended pumpkin seeds as a dewormer for new tortoises? I was kind of curious... Any opinions? I can add a little water in the blender and add the seeds, then add it to the tortoise's food. The tortoises I am thinking about are Greek, which cant eat whole pumpkin seeds.
  16. Abdulla6169


    Garden compass says this is a plant from the curcubit family. Any help? I planted melon somewhere else... Is it tortoise safe? Do I feed or compost it?
  17. Abdulla6169

    Messaging problems- cant send

    I cant reply to @Gillian Moore's message, I don't know whats the problem. When I click the reply button it just loads and stops loading without sending a message.
  18. Abdulla6169

    Mango leaves?

    Are mango leaves safe? I have a plant in the yard, but I was just wondering! Thanks everyone :)
  19. Abdulla6169

    Two headed tortoise! Thats amazing! :) I'd like to see how it would survive as an adult! Ps: I cannot post in the turtle and tortoises in the news section. So can any mod move it there?
  20. Abdulla6169

    Some crazy people *MAD* :mad: :mad: :mad: This happened a while ago... But really? Why would anyone hurt a squirrel!