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  1. PA2019

    yearling elegans

    Off to meet their new owner, going to miss the little buggers.
  2. PA2019

    Geoemyda spengleri, worlds easiest hatchling setup?

    I've become totally hooked on these guys. I am planning on growing up a group of this awesome species when hatchlings become available later in the spring but am having trouble wrapping my head around how ridiculously simple their setups can be during their first year. Plastic container, 1/2"...
  3. PA2019

    Unique bloodlines?

    I have been researching the history of egyptian tortoises in the USA over the past few months, speaking with established Egyptian breeders and thought I would reach out on TFO searching for further information as to how many unique bloodlines exist here in the USA. It seems that most if not all...
  4. PA2019

    Anyone with Mount Etna?

    Any members raising T.h.h. Mount Etna locale? They have only been offered for the past several years, but I would love to hear from those that have been raising this unique, diminutive tortoise! Humidity requirements, temperament, diet preferences and of course how big have they gotten? Don’t...
  5. PA2019

    2 Indian stars in Florida

    2 indian stars available. The larger is 10 months old (106 grams), the younger 8 months (88 grams). They are unrelated, kept in a closed chamber with daily soakings and are fed a wide variety of weeds and dried herbs. I would prefer to sell to someone within Florida but would be willing to ship...
  6. PA2019

    Group Growth Over Time

    I thought I would make a thread showing my group of 6 as they grow and eventually become sexable. There is such little published data on kleinmanni that I thought this might be of use to those raising hatchlings as well. @Tom @G-stars I think you both mentioned in previous posts...
  7. PA2019

    Feeding Frenzy!

    Thought I would take some pictures of this mornings feeding. They must have smelled chlorophyll in the air!
  8. PA2019

    Guess the sex

    Have a yearly that is growing way faster than the rest and was curious what everyone thought about possible sex. Still super early I know, but someone may see something I don’t. Weight: 165grams
  9. PA2019

    Winter Is Coming...Kratky hydroponic growing experiment

    I want to increase my fresh weeds during wintertime so I decided to experiment with hydroponic indoor growing. After researching the topic a bit I settled on one of the easiest hydroponic methods out there, the Kratky method. I use 32 oz...
  10. PA2019

    SensorPush question

    Basic question for those using SensorPush temp/humidity gauges. I have 3 in an Egyptian tortoise setup and the cool side is reading 100% humidity almost constantly which is not possible. What is the proper orientation for the gauge? Is the small hole with the humidity sensor/writing supposed...
  11. PA2019

    Searching for: Pyxis, kleinmanni, or nabeulensis in FL

    Recently finished one of several enclosures and looking to work with spider, egyptian or nabeul tortoises. I live in FL and will be attending Daytona this year. Purchasing references available upon request, thanks.
  12. PA2019

    90"x30"x18" black PVC tank ($375)

    Currently building a new tank and want a matching pair so the old tank is up for sale. Used 90" x 30" x 18" black PVC (1/2" thick) tank for sale. Have a bunch of accessories if interested as well. 4' T5 fixture with unused arcadia desert 14% UVB light, two 4' Barrina 45W LED 6500K lights...
  13. PA2019

    8’ x 3’ x 2’ two story XPVC build

    Really excited to get started on my second XPVC build. Mostly gathering materials today.
  14. PA2019

    When to harvest Plantago lanceolata (narrowleaf plantain) seeds

    Living in Florida I have a ton of plantain popping up around me right now. The plants grow in my outdoor pen but my stars always annihilate them before they go to seed. I want to harvest the seeds and grow some indoors year-round using the Kratky hydroponic method, but I am unsure when to...
  15. PA2019

    nabeulensis setups/experiences

    Hey all, I'm seriously considering branching out of star tortoises and working with nabeulensis. Their small size, color pattern and opposite care to what I am used to really intrigue me. I know C. Leone is the only one consistently breeding them in the US. Is there anyone on here with Nabeul...
  16. PA2019

    A Sterant-Designed Build

    I have been working on building my first PVC enclosure using the @Sterant sticky and am almost done. I am using the Veranda-brand 1/2" PVC sheets from Home Depot. After gluing the back to the bottom I was worried it wasn't strong enough to stack another enclosure on top, so I decided to...
  17. PA2019

    Elegans eating Mushrooms

    After the last few days of heavy rainfall I noticed my group grazing and breeding this morning alongside several large mushrooms that had appeared almost overnight in the pen. Fast forward to this afternoon and one of the mushrooms has a lot of bite marks and is 80% eaten. I cant 100%...
  18. PA2019

    Sexing via Endoscopy

    Does anyone (especially those in FL) have any experience with sexing via endoscopy? I understand the mechanics, but am curious if there is a minimum size or weight that is needed, how accurate the results are, and any idea on what it might cost for 1-10 hatchlings or how much you spent for the...
  19. PA2019

    Cellular PVC Paneling?

    I found some PVC paneling near me, but am unfamiliar with the differences between expanded pvc and "cellular PVC". I'm going to drive over to Home Depot tomorrow to check it out, but I was hoping someone knew of any major differences between the two. Is cellular PVC the same thing as expanded...
  20. PA2019

    Platy articles-Hatchling weights

    Does anyone know of journal articles citing platy hatchling weights or growth trends over time? An individual is stating that a CB 6 year-old Burmese star weighing 120 grams is not abnormal, and mirrors growth patterns seen in the wild. I fervently disagree with this, but would love some...