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    Need help with Arizona weeds

    That's not a white pine. I don't know what it is, but it isn't that. The needles are wrong; they should be in bundles of 5 and not branched like that.
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    Top right actually looks like Elm to me.
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    Can you convert a regular humidifier into a reptile fogger?

    The answer is yes ...BUT. You need to have a controller of some sort to turn it on and off as needed so the humidifier needs to turn on automatically when power is applied. Some of the fancier electronic stuff doesn't. Other than that, it's just a matter of finding a suitable hose to direct the...
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    Help! Visual and Behavioural Change

    No problem with loading up the questions. Probably best if I just tick them off one by one. The bottom portion of your wood box will need to be waterproofed or it will rot out quickly and any time you add water it will leak onto the floor. Pond liner seems to be popular to deal with that, but...
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    Help! Visual and Behavioural Change

    Instead of a tent you can use 2x2 wood, a few screws, clear vinyl shower curtain, and a staple gun. It's a good cheap option if you know you're going to be changing things around. If you do decide to set up in the basement, the only part you actually have to finish is the enclosure itself...
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    Entire enclosure overhaul

    Instead of a mister on a timer, you could use a fogger on a humidity gauge. It's fine tunable to whatever you want. With a fairly closed setup you won't need to refill too frequently. For live plants, you might want to consider using elevated shelves with trailing or arching plants like pothos...
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    Our Power is Out 😨

    I just saw this. This guy is political as all get out, and I'm not trying to drag politics into this, but the first 5 minutes is good sound advice. (after that, you'd better be on the left end of the political spectrum or feathers will get ruffled)
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    Importing a Tortoise from the UK to Canada (As an immigrant)

    I can't offer much help other than to repeat this from a previous thread. (link to original thread: )
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    Our Power is Out 😨

    They still happen up here from time to time, but they're pretty rare because it's a well known threat and the media reminds people if a winter storm is coming. This is probably all new territory for people in Texas because it's not something they need to know 99.9% of the time.
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    Our Power is Out 😨

    Ugh, I just saw a local report about the storm you guys are having down there. I would suggest for the people, find your candles and flashlights now, draw the curtains to keep the heat in, stuff a towel against the outside doors if they are drafty, and if it's going to stay freezing for a long...
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    New enclosure question

    Slick setup.
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    Our Power is Out 😨

    So the basics (from a northerner): keep the container up off the ground or insulate underneath it close in the container to stop air movement -- don't open it a lot you're just letting heat out insulate the the sides and top too -- blankets or towels will work warm thermal mass inside the...
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    Winter Slow Down?

    Some of the research says that RF's living in harsher climates will aestivate so there is the possibility that they respond to seasonal shifts in day lengths/intensity.
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    Help sexing about 8 years old red foot

    The RF and the dog would happily trade kibble if I let them.
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    Help! Had a tortiose break into our yard

    I'd be looking over my fence to see if any of the neighbors had a tortoise enclosure in their yard.
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    Greenhouse vs Shed

    Gardening is pretty easy -- green side up and you're good to go. Seriously though, if you can research gardening can be pretty easy. You simply figure out what plants are adapted to your local conditions (and are tortoise safe in this case). Then you pull out all the problem children that will...
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    Greenhouse vs Shed

    I took a quick look at their site. Single pane windows, corrugated plastic roof, and uninsulated walls. It will lose heat like a bastard the moment the sun goes down. Not a good choice if you're looking for energy efficiency.
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    New redfoot set up help and advice needed.

    I generally just go with slugs and earthworms.