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  1. saleena.lewis

    Scrambled eggs and crickets?

    Hey everyone! I have a 1 year old redfoot tortoise named phoenix. I was wondering if he was able to have scrambled eggs, as I have never fed it before. Although he has had some boiled eggs before. Another thing is that I am out of super worms and I can't seem to find them anywhere but I do have...
  2. saleena.lewis

    Tortoise whistle

    So I was just feeding my 1 year old redfoot tortoise some mazuri tortoise diet and a tiny bit of carrots when he made this quiet little whistle noise. His humidity was 90% today, his basking spot temperature was about 90 degrees and the temperature on the cool side of the enclosure was about...
  3. saleena.lewis

    Redfoots houses together?

    So I have had my redfoot tortoise for only a little while now and I have already fallen in love with him! He is a little over a year now and i've had him since the beginning of april. This is very debatable but I was wondering if I upgraded the enclosure to a 7 by 2 foot cage if he would be ok...
  4. saleena.lewis

    Pheonix's growth

    Hello everyone!! I have a yearling redfoot tortoise named phoenix. On this thread I will be keeping you guys updated on growth, milestones,some cute pictures and how I personally take care of him. I had a gram scale back when I got him and he weighed 82 grams. (I got him about 4 months ago) He...
  5. saleena.lewis

    Redfoot diet

    So I have a yearling redfoot tortoise named phoenix. I have 100 super worms (for my bearded dragons) and I was wondering if they are safe and or nutritious for my tortoise.
  6. saleena.lewis

    Redfoot tortoise diet?

    Hello! I have had my tortoise for about 5 months now I believe, and I need some tips on what protein to be feeding my yearling redfoot. I have just been doing boiled eggs. Does anybody feed chicken or anything like that? Please let me know!
  7. saleena.lewis

    Am I caring for my tortoise right?

    I have been so stressed that I have not been giving my tortoise proper care. My tortoise is a 1 year old redfoot tortoise named phoenix. He is overall very healthy but I just want to give him the best life possible. Right now he is in a 3 by 2 foot tortoise table. Is that big enough for now? He...
  8. saleena.lewis

    Peat moss?

    I just got home from a trip to home depot. I have a yearling redfoot tortoise and I am in the process of upgrading his enclosure. At home depot I bought some sphagnum peat moss. I am not sure if it is safe or not. I obviously didn't have time to just research in home depot so I just bought it...
  9. saleena.lewis

    Best natural enclosure for yearling redfoot?

    Hello! I am a new redfoot owner. I have had my little guy for about 4 months now. He is currently about a year old. As of now he is in a 3 by 2 foot enclosure but we are upgrading right now and I need help. I want him to be as comfortable as possible and I want him to feel as if he was in the...
  10. saleena.lewis

    Substrate for redfoots

    For some reason it has been a debatable topic between a few other members and I on substrate for redfoot tortoises. I currently use a mixture of organic top soil and eco earth (coco choir). It was brought to my attention that this could lead to complications if eaten. My yearling redfoot eats...