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  1. Jasminemmm

    Are these weeds safe?

    The weather is getting nicer every day. I was able to pick up some weeds from outside. I got a bunch last weekend. Can you please tell me if all these weeds are safe to consume for my eastern hermanns? I appreciate any feedbacks!
  2. Jasminemmm

    Is there leopard gecko (or gecko in general) forum?

    Hi All, I am still deciding if my next reptile pet is going to be a bearded dragon or a leopard gecko. I would like to understand more of the two species before I make the committment. So far, I am leaning towards the leopard gecko. Do you know if there is any public forum for leopard gecko...
  3. Jasminemmm

    Hermanns excessive blinking right eye

    Hi, I just noticed that my five months old eastern hermanns tort blinks his right eye a lot more often than blinking his left eye. It seems there is something irritating his right eye but I don’t see any large debris. He eats normally and is very active. I soak him in warm water everyday for...
  4. Jasminemmm

    Nope, this is not poop 😝

    I recently discovered a way to encourage my baby tort to drink more water. Being a hatchling, he does not like to drink water by himself. I soak him in warm water for 20-30 minutes every day. He only drinks when he’s in his bath tube and barely touches his water bowl in enclosure.
  5. Jasminemmm

    Mirror mirror on the wall...

    Mirror mirror on the wall...who is the prettiest tort in the land?
  6. Jasminemmm

    Is this “cuttlefish bone” good for hermanns baby?

    I recently purchased some cuttlefish bone for my baby hermanns to get extra calcium and came across the below one from Amazon. The baby seems to really enjoy the product and nibbles on it non-stop. They are not real cuttlefish bone, and made from cuttlefish bone power and other ingredients...
  7. Jasminemmm

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 🥳

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All🥳
  8. Jasminemmm

    Today, I got my hermanns tortoise baby. Question about the desirable temperature.

    I am very excited that I finally got my hermanns tortoise baby today. It is a four months old well-started hatchling. And this is my first tortoise. I am trying to make sure the tempature I have in the enclosure is ideal for the baby hermanns. What should be the right temperature during day...
  9. Jasminemmm

    Is Home Depot Orchid Potting Mix a safe substrate for the tortoise?

    Hi~ I've heard a lots of good review of Orchid bark as substrate on this forum. I went to Home Depot to purchase some and can only find orchid potting mix like the picture below. Is this safe? This is not made for tortoise bedding.
  10. Jasminemmm

    Are the turtle source or red foot ranch reliable vendors?

    Hi everyone, I have never raised any tortoise in the past, so I am a completely newbie. I have been wanting to get a tortoise and when I search the turtle for sales online, the turtle source website was the first one to come up. I also found the red foot ranch from a YouTube video. Has anyone...