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  1. Blakem

    Growing tortoise food from seed

    Hello everyone! I have decided that I should begin growing more grass mixes from seed again. I once grew it in an old greenhouse and it did REALLY well. Now, I would like to grow it in a large wooden table. I once visited a forum member and saw their well grown and large amount of grasses/weeds...
  2. Blakem

    Dexter and I

    Hello my friend! I hope you all are doing well, as well as your turtles and tortoises. Unfortunately, I haven't been on the Forum regularly for some time now, Dexter and I are doing good. Dexter is a big kid now. He Turn 4 in March. He weighs in at around 40 pounds and is about 17 inches long...
  3. Blakem

    Looking for "The Crying Tortoise"

    I'm sure the odds are slim, but I've been keeping my eye out for someone to sell their copy! I searched previous posts before creating this thread, and I've contacted those who have a copy. Has another source been identified as to how to purchase a copy? This would definitely be a treasure if I...
  4. Blakem

    Rehoming Russian tortoise

    I've been debating on this topic for some time now, and I've finally decided that it's time. I've owned my Russian tortoise for 4 years now. I bought him from a pet shop before I joined the forum, brought him out of a red leaf lettuce diet, and he's been living outside for 3 years now. I've...
  5. Blakem

    Dexter's update

    Hello all! I haven't created a thread on Dexter since the prolapse situation. HE'S doing well. I have recently seen his young man parts, and it has definitely confirmed male. His personality is definitely forming. When he roams, he always checks out what I'm doing. I'm sure it's an...
  6. Blakem

    Possum control?

    Hello, I've recently had a Opossum problem in my backyard. In the last week, 3 baby opossum have been killed by my dog. I live in a small country town within the city. I've only ever seen dead opossum on the side of the road, so this is new to me. I don't have any places for them to hide, so...
  7. Blakem

    She's a he? Possible prolapse

    I was told under a year ago that Dex was a she. I'm thinking she's a he, based on seeing the penis today. But, the tail is quite short and its quite spread at the bottom of the shell. @Tom here's the post you asked for.
  8. Blakem

    Strange dry-pore looking holes

    Hello all. I've searched and searched a possible answer to my problem, and cannot find even a possible solution. About two years ago, my Russian tortoise was diagnosed, through the forum, with what looked like shell rot. It looked like fresh shell was coming in, but now it's back. Currently he...
  9. Blakem

    Just Pictures

    For those of you who don't know my tortoise, her name is Dex. She was previously known as Dexter until I found out the gender. She will be 3 years old in March. When I last measured her, she was 15 pounds and almost 14 inches in length. I enticed her to stay with me by feeding her wild mustard...
  10. Blakem

    Sulcata shell growth, from jagged to smooth/straight

    I've recently faced a difficulty to create proper humidity levels for my 13 inch sulcata tortoise. She will be 3 in March. As most of you know, humidity creates smooth shell growth, among other reasons. I've raised my sulcata from a 2 inch baby according to this forum. I thought that i was still...
  11. Blakem

    Small piece of plastron

    After I soaked Dex in her pool, I flipped her over to clean the bottom of her shell with a rag. As I was cleaning in a circular motion, a piece flicked off. I wasn't pressing hard so it didn't take much. I was standing on grass so I didn't see the piece to confirm what it was. It was a dark...
  12. Blakem


    I found this while I was digging out a grape vine today. Is it a cocoon? I was just going to bury it and as I was finding a place, the tip was going in a circular motion. It was really weird and unexpected. What should I do with it once identified?
  13. Blakem

    Stephen King books

    I'm currently about to finish "It" and I've thoroughly enjoyed this one. It's my first experience reading one of his books. I've looked online at what are his top books but, I would like to stick with a creepy and interesting story line like It has. Any recommendations?
  14. Blakem

    Dex update

    Dex will be three years of age in March. After her burrow incident, (of being down for 2-3 days at a time because it started to get too cold) she's back to her self, and then some. She has very visible growth lines spreading and her eating never ceases to amaze me. She is 13-15 pounds, and...
  15. Blakem

    Photography photos of Dex

    Hello all. I've been lucky enough to have a sister in law that has a great camera! I've asked some of those that have good cameras if they could take some pictures for me in the past, but it never happened. These images have not been edited, but just have been used with different lenses. I felt...
  16. Blakem

    Mazuri feeding directions on its bag

    I bought my first 25 pound bag of mazuri tortoise chow today. I read the feeding directions out of curiosity and knew that it was completely incorrect. I took a picture of it on my phone, I hope it's clear. I guess I'm wondering if you guys think it would be worth it to try and write to the...
  17. Blakem

    Watery eyes

    Hello my turtle/tortoise friends. I've read here on the forum that when a tortoise had wAtery eyes, and wet looking around it's eye sockets, that it is possibly dehydrated. Currently, Dex, my sulcata, has a large terra cotta saucer that always has water in it, a "bath" hole with pond liner in it...
  18. Blakem

    Scurrying to burrow (scared)

    In the past week and a half, my 2.5 year old sulcata has been working on a burrow. I have been letting her dog it and she now sleeps in there and digs most of the day it seems. Lately, in the morning when I go to the enclosure to feed her, she will see me and scurry to the burrow as quick as...
  19. Blakem

    Her first burrow

    Well, it looks like my sulcata, Dex, has been busy since I was gone for two days. And she was really busy yesterday. She started her first burrow. She dug under her house and ran into some big pipes, and continued under the cement. It's been in the 100's here in the Central Valley so she's...
  20. Blakem

    Sulcata food growing and eating

    Hello my tortoise and turtle friends. I hope all is well. It's been some time since I've come onto the forum. I don't have much of a valid excuse really. Anyways, yesterday I realized that my sulcata, Dexie (I recently changed the name from Dexter to Dexie as the notice in change of gender...