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  1. Barber25

    captive box turtles in the great outdoors

    The EBT we have was supposed to be a juvenile when I purchased it about 4 months ago. It was larger than I anticipated, so I wondered a little about its old was it? Had it been raised in captivity with constant human interaction, or perhaps wild caught? It always seemed...
  2. Barber25

    Adventure continued

    This little stream was a torrent a few days ago, with the dams failing and all the flooding. I get to observe her tooling around and there are earthworms every galore
  3. Barber25

    Adventure day

    Kiwi was brought outside today for a day of adventure and experimentation. First a soak in the turtle basin. It was a success as regularity now seems part of the equation. Does anyone know if box turtles will eat the water snails I have in one of the pics? So far she has been uninterested...
  4. Barber25

    Box Turtle Questions

    Thank you for your past answers to my questions...I have a few more. First of all I'm trying to figure out the best way to use this forum. If I have questions regarding box turtles, is there a forum subset for those topics, and if so, how do I get there? Ok turtle questions 1) I feel bad...
  5. Barber25

    Questions about just received box turtle

    Just received box turtle from Tortoise town last Wednesday- trying to determine what is normal and what is a concern. I ordered a "juvenile / young adult", this turtle has a 5 inch long shell, seems older? Which I guess is ok? The turtle has not once gone into its shell....that also seems...