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  1. lymcBoris

    Russian not eating, pooping

    Hi all. I've asked about this topic before. And I am honestly at the end of my tether and don't know why my Russian tortoise Boris has been off his food, not pooped and is extra sleepy for weeks now. Before this he was stomping around and around his enclosure like a bull, but not eating them...
  2. lymcBoris

    My Russian tortoise is not eating but is stomping around his enclosure.

    Hi. I wonder if anyone has an be advice please. Our 3 year old tortoise Boris has for the last week and a half been stomping around and around his enclosure but not eaten a thing. He is stomping all over his food and spreading it about. He is trying to climb the walls and has behaved this way...
  3. lymcBoris

    My Russian tortoise is sleeping a lot more but nothings changed in his enclosure.

    My 3 year old male Russian tortoise Boris has been healthy and active for just over the year that we've had him. In the local sunny weather in Scotland lately I've had him out a few times in the sunshine and he has been putting on weight no problem and has always had a good appetite. However, in...
  4. lymcBoris

    Boris's new larger enclosure made from Argos bookcase

    Hi all. I've not posted for a while as I sometimes find the site a bit intimidating. Sorry, just a lot of people with a lot of opinions. But I was so excited that I thought I'd share photos of Boris's, my 2 year old Russian tort's new bigger enclosure. It's 6ft x3ft and I would have liked bigger...
  5. lymcBoris

    Boris is outside for a bit of Scottish sunshine.. hooray!

    My makeshift outdoor enclosure.
  6. lymcBoris

    My Russian torts top 10 favourite foods so far, what's yours?

    Hi all. We've had our gorgeous 20 month old Boris for a month and a half now and I'm really getting in to identification of weeds for him here in Scotland. I love trying him with new weeds that I find as the season progresses into summer. It's so satisfying when he really likes one. So here are...
  7. lymcBoris

    Orchid bark - should it be pre- soaked?

    Hi all, so I've added orchid bark to enclosure over Coco coir, just at one end to try and keep humidity up. I am obsessed with humidity and pyramiding since reading everything on site and I have an open table. Should I have soaked orchid bark first? I put in and poured warm water and misted, but...
  8. lymcBoris

    Substrate moist or dry?

    Hi, new to the forum and to keeping tortoises and have had my 19month old Horsfield for 2 months now and am finding conflicting advice for substrate. At first I mixed unfertilised soil with sand, then on this forum I've read it's all about moisture, so I changed to moistened Coco coir and got...
  9. lymcBoris

    Hi everyone I'm a Newbie to the tortoise keeping world

    Hi everyone. My name's Lynne from Scotland and our family recently brought an 18 month old Horsfield tortoise into our lives called Boris. We don't know if Boris is male or female yet though, but he/she is gorgeous and so fascinating. I have been stressing a little about what weeds are safe to...