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  1. solidsounds17

    Heating and plant questions.

    As the title states, I would appreciate if someone can help me some adjustments that I want to make to my closed chamber setup. 1. What are some alternatives or suggestions for plant enclosures. I’ve had a pathos and spider plants and they both died on me. (See pics below) I read online that...
  2. solidsounds17

    North gate edible finds?

    are The following edible? In Spanish we call them “tunas” so it didn’t come up on tortoise table. Species I’m feeding is leopard so i know the fruit itself probably isn’t edible but what about the peel? Bottom pic didn’t have a label so can anyone identify the plant? Thank you.
  3. solidsounds17

    Educational YouTube/Instagram?

    Basically what the title states. Anyone on here run a YouTube or any sort of social media page the uploads daily content of tortoises. Personally, I watch a lot of Kamp Kenan and Florida iguana and tortoise on YouTube to gain some knowledge as well as satisfy my daily tortoise watching needs...
  4. solidsounds17

    Favorite meal?

    As the title states, what’s your favorite meal to serve up in the morning. Curious to see the combinations you folks come up with so maybe I can steal some ideas! Here’s mine: combination of guava and banana leaves, dandelion, a pinch of cilantro, hibiscus, and some lugarti tortoise food all...
  5. solidsounds17

    Plant and flower starter.

    Hey guys, just wondering if i can get some advice on some new flowers and plants I just bought for my baby leopard. I’m planning on planting these flowers outside but I’ve never really grown anything in my life before. I bought California poppy, English and African daisy, and some marigold. I...
  6. solidsounds17

    Leaves and flowers.

    Anyone care to give a rookie some advice on where I can find mulberry leaves, and other leaves of that sort? I know the best way to go at it is to grow your own but due to space restrictions, I am unable to do that. Does anyone know if supermarkets carry them? Also, I’ve been meaning to grow...
  7. solidsounds17

    Plant ID

    I’m completely clueless on plant names and what to start feeding some to my little guy. This specific one tends to grow a lot in my front yard, anyone know what it is? Also any plant newbie tips?
  8. solidsounds17

    Thank you all!

    As the title states, thank you. Over the weekend I found this forum and learned about the dangers of open top tortoise tables along with all the wrong items I have been using, MVB, CFL, peat moss, etc., for my baby leopard. Due to finding all the wrong information online and how poorly my baby...
  9. solidsounds17

    Leopard tortoise enclosure change.

    Hey guys, first post here. Recently purchased a baby leopard tortoise and built an open top enclosure for him/her but after browsing the leopard care sheets, I’ve noticed the way to go is through closed chamber for high humidity. I attached a picture of the current setup which is 77x30x30. Is...