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  1. ennur

    don't eat geraniums

    Hi guys. I gave my tortoise geranium. He sniffed for a long time, bite once, and acted like he wanted to get it out of his mouth. I feed it in the pot and I am sure there is no pesticide. I washed before I gave him. Is this flower harmful to him? If not, I'll try to accustom him to eating geranium.
  2. ennur

    am ı do right?

    Hello! I have 2 tortoise. I think that these are Testudo because I live in Turkey. The size of their house is 80cm * 50cm. I put it under the home soil for plant . I use a 70 watt lamp for warming. I can't buy new uvb lamps because recently one year our country has a duty (or customs. My...