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    Do Sulcatas have temper tantrums?

    Long shift at the hospital yesterday causing me to get home about 2 hours later than usual. I have a little 1.5 year old Sulcata that needed his soak, so I pulled him out of his hide and it was off schedule for him. He literally appeared to stomp in a circle like an angry child, then march...
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    Hatchling arrived at 60 Degrees

    A social media friend received a 2 month old hatchling via Fed Ex this morning. FB groups are telling her to get it to the vet, or telling her it will not survive. I'm trying to get her to join here, but in the mean time will ask advice for her. Hopefully she will comment and add to this...
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    Another "Male or Female?" post

    I'm confused. He/She is at least 8 years old. The plastron appears flat and the tail is much smaller than my 8 year old male's tail, but a small V and he(?) appears to have a pinched waist.... Help!
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    "Miniature" Leopard??

    Is this just a badly stunted Leopard? I'm in a FB group and a member just posted this photo of her 8 year old "Miniature Leopard" wondering what the white lines around the shell are. She has had the tortoise for 5 years...
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    Can hear my Tortoise breathing

    I just adopted Sheldon a week ago today, an 8 year old Redfoot, he is 6.5 lbs. I've noticed a few times a day I can hear him breathe from about 5 ft away. I'm a Respiratory Therapist by profession, so I'm probably more apt to notice breath He doesn't sound "wet" nor his...
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    Newly Adopted 8 year old Redfoot

    This is Sheldon, he is around 8 years old, 6.5 lbs and very curioius and active. I watched an ad for him on Craigslist, finally broke down and contacted the owners. The couple's son owned him, and moved away to college. The parents weren't home enough to care for him. He came with a 2x4...
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    Spot in center of scutes

    I see some hatchlings and juvenile Sulcatas with a dot or spot in the center of each scute similar to a Leopard's scutes. Does this indicate anything? Are they Sulcatas with Leopard DNA introduced at some point? Or just a normal variant?
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    How can I help this guy?

    Just received this guy last evening from a kid that could no longer care for him. He was purchased in October 2018 at a reptile expo so about a year old. He is active. Ate well last night after a 30 minute soak. He came with an enclosed vibranium with dry substrate and no water dish. He only...
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    Pardalis Pardalis Hatchlings

    I'm researching and assembling an enclosure for a future South African Leopard Tortoise. I'm also looking for reputable and trusted breeders of Pardalis Pardalis. Any suggestions from my fellow forum members?