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    Outdoor enclosure

    I was reading Tom’s outdoor enclosure bible and I have a stupid question. Do I need to bury wire so my Hermann’s doesn’t burrow or dig out? I was thinking about ordering this enclosure. Any thoughts welcome. Keep in mind that I know it would be appropriate to build something but I’m pretty sure...
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    Shelldon’s new digs

    My husband loves when I have new ideas!!!🤣
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    I should have known better

    I transferred a plant to Sheldons table and he literally unburied himself and started mauling it within 10 seconds. 🙄
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    Baby on the way!

    Just ordered an eastern Hermann from tortstork. Can’t wait!!
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    Gender neutral name for a Hermanns

    I need a gender neutral name for my new addition. It’s a pretty big decision based on how long they live. So far my family has come up with Mr. T. Any suggestions?
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    Has anyone tried the instahatch egg from tortstork? I think it would be so awesome for my kids to see a tortoise hatch but I’m new at this.
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    New to forum

    Hello, I’ve been researching tortoise care in preparation for a new family member. I’ve read lots of posts but just decided to join. I’m frustrated with availability in my area (Michigan) and don’t want to purchase from a pet store. Online ordering seems risky also......