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  1. Lindsinic

    Humane Euthanasia??

    Over the past weeks I have been on here trying to get as much advice as possible to try and help our Golden Greek pull through what seems to be Hatchling Failure Syndrome. As a Mom, I am at the point where I question whether it is harder for my 9-year old son to be watching his tortoise...
  2. Lindsinic

    Golden Greek Hatchling Soft Shell HELP!

    We have a Golden Greek hatchling and it seems that his shell has gotten softer since we got him. He gets a warm soak every day and 3 days ago we started adding Vitasol liquid to the water to try and reverse the soft shell. He gets calcium with D3 powder on his greens every day or two. Diet...
  3. Lindsinic

    Golden Greek Enclosure and Calcium

    I don't mean to throw a huge bout of confusion into everything, but I have a Golden Greek hatchling. I recently took him to a reputable exotic pet veterinarian. I was confused because the place I got Rocky from advised me to mist the tank each day, give him warm soaks each day, etc. Create a...