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    Ceramic heat emitter

    Hi I have swapped my MVB for a che plus strip light so hopefully it won't dessicate my tort shell. Problem being I can't seem to get it up to temperature, I have a thermostat and can't get my head round why it won't heat up enough
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    Not eating

    Hi guys, I have a Russian tort. I have only had her for a month or so and up until the last few days she has been eating well. I have noticed she has barely ate anything for the best part of a week. I have been making small changes to her table such as I taken out the MVB in exchange for a...
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    Random one, before I do, would it be safe enough to burn incense in the same room as a tortoise?
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    New tortoise owner here

    Hi guys I am now the proud owner of a tortoise I have been contemplating getting one for some time now. Unfortunately somebody couldn't keep their tortoise for some unknown reason and a 3rd party handed her over to me, so I've kind of rescued her. I have got a table and bought the correct...