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  1. DaisyDuke

    Best Substrate?

    I've tried a number of substates over the years, peat moss with cypress mulch on top, coco coir with cypress mulch on top. I live in the north east and can't keep Sheldon outside. Since getting Sheldon over 10 years ago I've noticed the dust in our house is brown. I have numerous health issues...
  2. DaisyDuke

    Carolina Pet Supply issues.

    I was just wondering if anybody has had issues receiving their orders? I ordered almost a month ago and haven’t got any shipping notification or any update on my order. I contacted them but got no reply. I contacted them through PayPal as well with no reply. I opened a claim but PayPal has no...
  3. DaisyDuke

    Substrate Help!

    So I've always used Peat Moss but they stopped selling my kind over a year ago. I've been using the only kind I can find which is an organic kind from Canada. My problem is, a day or two after putting it in it turns to complete dust. It rises through his screen top and getting all over the...
  4. DaisyDuke

    Peat Moss brands???? HELP!

    So I've had my Sheldon for about three years. When I first came to the forum I did a search and "Miracle Gro peat moss" was said to be fine. I've been using it ever since with no problem. My father one time brought me a large bag of an organic kind but when I opened it-it was like sand. I live...
  5. DaisyDuke


    I was just wondering if raisins are okay as a treat? I haven't given him any. Just wondering if it's safe to give him a couple here and there.
  6. DaisyDuke

    Russian in Boston area.

    I wasn't sure where to post this. But there is a pet shop near a friends house where there is a Russian with a badly overgrown beak. The owner has been in business over thirty years. When the tortoise came to him he came that way. I feel awful for him. He's already been there a couple of months...
  7. DaisyDuke


    I mentioned this in a recent thread I made but still it's going on. Usually when I take Sheldon outside he poops. I haven't seen or smelled poop in his indoor habitat in a few weeks [usually even if he eats it I smell it, he's in my room with me :p ] I know that still he might be eating it but...
  8. DaisyDuke

    Tortoise "in the mood" question?

    This might be a strange question but I think Sheldon has reached his sexual age. I thought he was a she and even posted pictures here were most said he was a she. It is often hard to tell so no fault there. He had his wellness check last month where they said he was indeed a he. I've been...
  9. DaisyDuke

    What type of wood?

    What type of wood should I use to build a hide? Sheldon grew out of the largest half logs I can find at any pet store. I gave him a large flower pot a few weeks ago but he isn't interested and just tries to push it around. So my father offered to make him a wood hide similar to a half log just...
  10. DaisyDuke

    RedFoot Enclosure Questions?

    I sort of asked this before but I have such a specific question and didn't get much feedback on it. I have a hard time keeping up the humidity [yes I have gone through all of the threads on humidity a year ago :p and tried everything] I read that all glass was best for this. I am wondering would...
  11. DaisyDuke

    Red Foot Enclosure questions?

    Hi,:tort: So I know the size of the enclosure I have to build but I had a few other questions. 1)Can we use plexiglass for the whole thing? 2)Can we use a rubber pond sheet to line the bottom? Also, I've seen people mention needing ventilation toward the bottom. What does that mean...
  12. DaisyDuke

    Sheldon's pyramiding.

    Sheldon's pyramiding isn't getting any better. Is this bad pyramiding? He eats all of the right foods, dandelion, arugula, berries, squash, ect. Temps are always great but I am still having a horrible time trying to get the humidity up, though it's better then it was it's still not as up to par...
  13. DaisyDuke

    Light Bulbs other then Zoo Med?

    Sorry this is my second question in two days. The pet shops in my area only carry Zoo Med light bulbs. They keep blowing out on me. I got one back the end of September that blew after a few seconds of turning it on. I couldn't get back to the pet shop for a few weeks after that so in that time I...
  14. DaisyDuke

    Vitamin question?

    I've read you can crush up an adult multivitamin and sprinkle it on their food. I was wondering if it's okay to do that with a children's vitamin like Flintstones?
  15. DaisyDuke

    Questions, washing Roses for Sheldon and heating pad?

    I have two questions. :) My first question is, I have some roses that might have had chemicals sprayed on them. Is there a way I can wash them? Since I am unsure of whether or not anything was sprayed on them it's probably best not to give him any but just in case there was something I can do...
  16. DaisyDuke

    Gender of my Sheldon.

    I have a side picture as well. I tried to get a picture of his tail but he almost always has it tucked to the side. He is 6 inches so I understand he is still young but wanted opinions on what you guys think his gender may be? Also how old he might be? Thanks:)
  17. DaisyDuke

    Eating Cheerios?

    So I had Sheldon roaming the kitchen I found him eating a Honey Nut Cheerio. I took it away but it was only a tiny piece, he had eaten most of it. Is it okay that he ate this or should I be worried? I am not sure if honey or nuts for that matter are okay for him. I swept the kitchen and there...
  18. DaisyDuke

    Sheldon, pics, questions, etc.

    So this is Sheldon. I am really worried about his pyramiding. I might be paranoid but I have only had him a few weeks and feel it's gotten worse. What can I do about this? The "pellets" you see in one image is what they had him in at the pet shop. I now have him in Peat Moss and Cypress Mulch. I...
  19. DaisyDuke

    A few Newb questions:-)

    I hate to ask these questions because I am sure you all get them A LOT. But I've read the threads and numerous websites and took in so much info some of it conflicting that I am slightly confused. So my Sheldon should be here soon. He isn't a tiny hatchling but he isn't near full grown...