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    need some advice for growing indoors

    I live in Ohio so our growing season is not as long as one would want. So I would like to start growing some food in my indoor enclosure. Here is the link to my enclosure I have plenty of space above his height and...
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    should i be worried?

    in the past 2 weeks my redfoot (Indy) has flipped himself over at least 6 times some i catch quickly while home and some not so fast hours. nothing has changed as far as his cage set up and food. we did think he was after a yellow extension cord going to his bulb but i since rerouted out of...
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    Finally posting pics of enclosure.

    Okay I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of my tortoise Indy enclosure. Indy was a rescue my wife got as a Christmas gift from Indianapolis. He is estimated to be about 10 years old so wanted to provide him with enough space to rest the last of his life, which I know will be a long...
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    Bugs in water dish

    I got back from vacation and saw these in my redfoot water dish. Family came down and changed water every other day vs the normal every day. I have searched but can't seem to find pics that look the same. His enclosure is always 70-80% humidity and 70-83* temp. He also has a basking area...
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    Can Redfoot tortoises eat pond lilies?

    From what the title says I have a redfoot tortoise and I have access to a pond with a unlimited amount of Lillie pads and wanted to know if he can eat them and if there is any nutrition to the lilies.
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    Redfoot enclosure

    Okay looking for hopefully quick and easy answer. I'm looking to update my current redfoot enclosure, he has an 8'x8' enclosure. This enclosure sits about 3" off the floor with no insulation and living in Ohio you can guess my issue is heat. So I'm going to convert this to my outdoor enclosure...
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    New from Ohio

    Hello all, New member here from the Akron/Canton area of Ohio. Been a reptile fan my whole life and now that I have a house and wife that allows me to I'm looking into getting a tortoise. Had a box turtle and a couple of red eared sliders when I was young, but have always wanted a tortoise. My...
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    sealing the enclosure?

    Following this post as I was about to make the same post, only difference is I live in Ohio and not Canada. How does one go about sealing up a 10×10 foot enclosure? As all I have seen is much smaller enclosures. Ps sorry for hijacking your post.