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    Help my baby red foot tortoise won’t eat!!!!

    Look through the files here under both Sulcata care and general enclosures. There are many options. But uniform heat and humidity are imperative at this age for survival, an enclosed tub or table is the only option. You can easily convert a large storage bin into something that could house...
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    Help my baby red foot tortoise won’t eat!!!!

    And by time he is huge and requires a fortress to contain him, you'll be out of college and earning an income to support his/her needs! Now just make sure you keep him secure when he is out so you don't loose little Finley the Mock Redfoot in that yard. I have a 2.5 year old Sulcata and 4...
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    Coco coir mold

    It is probably a bit of old food that is molding, not the coconut coir. I use springtails in all my indoor tortoise enclosures to help avoid this problem.
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    Look for Homes for 2 Cherryheads

    I'm in Auburn/Federal Way if the previous home didn't work out.
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    Reputable Red Foot Breeder?

    I second that. Southern Reptiles are fantastic. I bought a trio of hatchlings a few weeks ago from Ryan and they are beautiful, healthy and vigorous and eat all day long. I highly recommend him.
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    Sick tortoise?

    Vets here in Washington State are considered essential services and all are open. They are all doing curb side service; you stay in the car and they come out and get the patient. I would start calling vets in your area.
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    A few questions in mind

    My adult male Redfoot gets about 15 to 30 minutes out of his indoor enclosure a few times a week just to roam about my kitchen. He will get in the toe kick area under the cabinets and rub his back on the overhang, doing the tortoise dance. I can only conclude that he likes the feeling, and...
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    Aggression in Box turtles...or play???

    Whoa, it just appeared in my feed today. And yeah, this place is starting to be more like Facebook. I'll try to check dates if I respond to another post here. What is the cut off for responding? 24 hours? 36? 48? I
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    Aggression in Box turtles...or play???

    And here I am on Facebook watching the chaos...oh wait, this isn't FB... is it???
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    Help! (Hasn't Eaten In Five Days)

    Hey Levi, Bonny Lake, WA? I'm in Auburn. You don't need a vet at this point, but for future needs should they arise, the only Tortoise savvy vet I have found in the area is at Pine Tree Vet Clinic in Maple Valley. One of the few clinics that has a nice group of experienced staff that works...
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    New behavior (Ramming)

    Spring is slowly coming to Seattle so I've had Sheldon out for short periods in the direct sun. He has been clucking too. Not sure if it is because he is enjoying the sun or calling for a mate. I adopted him last August (8+ years old) and haven't seen him try to hump anything yet.
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    Some Weeds I'm not sure about ?

    The green and white variegated ground cover is safe to feed. It is a Lamium as mentioned. Also known as dead nettle or archangel. I've grown it for years and it naturalizes here in the PNW. The tortoise table lists it as safe to feed.
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    Panic buying

    Those of you finding your store shelves depleted, try your local Asian Markets if you have them in your area. Here in the Seattle area they are the only stores that remain well stocked because people are afraid to visit an "Asian" market. I do most of my produce shopping there just for the...
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    Do Sulcatas have temper tantrums?

    Long shift at the hospital yesterday causing me to get home about 2 hours later than usual. I have a little 1.5 year old Sulcata that needed his soak, so I pulled him out of his hide and it was off schedule for him. He literally appeared to stomp in a circle like an angry child, then march...
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    Tom, up until a few weeks ago I spent my time telling everyone they were over reacting to this virus. I told people it would never reach the mortality rate that the Flu does each year (80,000 death in 2018 in the US alone) and would be just like SARS, Ebola, etc; A Big Nothing. I felt exactly...
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    Perspective. Your tortoise is fine. The rest of us will be too...probably. So, I'm a Respiratory Therapist on the front lines here in Seattle. The infection rate doubles here about every 48 - 72 hours, and the death rate grows daily. There are two attitudes that are endangering lives up here...
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    In love with a potted plant?

    I adopted an 8+ year old Redfoot last August. It had lived in either a glass 4' x 4' enclosure, a rabbit cage with a rabbit, or free roamed the house, or a combo of the above in the years prior to moving here. All I had time to prepare was an enclosed 3" x 6" stock tank. He wasn't happy with...
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    Active on first day, now not so much

    He is very handsome! His shell is in great shape as well!
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    It looks like a petit mal seizure to me. The Greyhound we had started with petit mal - trance like staring that progressed to zombie like walking and staring - just totally disconnected, eventually he had two grand mal seizures which were the stereotypical shaking uncontrollably, slamming his...
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    We've had amazing results using CBD/Cannabis oils with Greyhounds. We took in an 11 year old with severe arthritis that wasn't able to go up steps or run and was being treated with glucosamine and tramadol for pain. Within 6 weeks she was off the tramadol and running with our other Greyhounds...